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3 Things (I’ve learned so far this season)

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Happy New Year my friends. We’re jumping right into the week with a video segment I’m calling ‘3 Things’. This week, it’s 3 Things I’ve Learned So Far This Season.

Now, the video is 15 minutes long. That’s right. I talk a lot. I know that bothers some people. If you’re one of them, I invite you to create shorter videos on your blog. I will not complain in your comments section…

But, I’m also a man of the people. Some might say the People’s Champion. (that’s an indirect hint, kids) So here is a quick breakdown of the topics I discuss and the time stamps I cover them so you can skip around. As always, post your questions and comments below.

  1. Private School Superiority is a Myth (The difference between public school and private school kids) (0:00 – 4:08)
  2. It’s Always Better to Be Yourself (Why turning weaknesses into strengths is a waste of time) (4:09 – 8:45)
  3. Sometimes You Have to Rob Peter to Pay Paul (Compatibility training is a great idea…if you live in San Diego. Otherwise, try this.) (8:46-13:40)
  4. Free CST Shirt Contest + Dartmouth Relays Anyone? (13:41 – 15:02)


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