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6 Nutrition Questions to Ask Your Athletes

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One of the new layers I’m adding to my program this upcoming season is a specific and consistent emphasis on nutrition.

Athletes will eat better if your advice makes sense and is extremely easy for them to figure out.

So I’ll give them some simple handouts and just spot check their progress.

You’ve got enough to do in practice. So it’s worth 5 minutes a day to help your athletes help themselves. Because I’m all about doing what I can to get better performances without having to do extra work.

And the bottom line is, if your athletes:

…drink more water, they’ll be happier and perform better.
…develop consistent sleep habits, they’ll be happier and perform better.
…eat a healthy breakfast, they’ll be happier and perform better.
…eat every 3 hours, they’ll be happier and perform better.
…understand sports supplements, they’ll be safer and perform better.

I think you get the idea.

So I’ll just be blunt. If you don’t want your athletes to shit the bed at the end of practice/workouts/games/meets/races/the season,  then click on this link, read Jeff’s article, then purchase Teen
Sports Nurition Blueprint. It’s what I use, what I’ll continue to use and what I recommend you use.



P.S. There are certain programs and resources I strongly believe in. Because they’ll help you. And help your athletes. That’s why I promote them early and often. Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint is one of them. It will help you and your athletes perform better on *and* off the track or playing field. I know I have to spend a little money to make my athletes better. Of course, you don’t have to. But there’s truth to the saying ‘you get what you pay for’.


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