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A Track and Field specific ‘Complete Speed Training’?

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With each passing day I seem to be getting more
and more track and field specific questions from
CST customers and 9/10 of CST consults are with track
coaches, parents and athletes.

With my foundation and background being in track
and field and having had another successful season
coaching athletes to school records and multiple
state championships, it got me thinking…

Maybe it’s time to create a Track Sprints (100-400)
resource along the same lines as Complete Speed

The ability to focus on track, combined with all the
insight I’ve picked up since creating the original
Complete Speed Training, really gets me excited
thinking about the possibilities!

However, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t interested
in such a program.

So before I start creating something no one wants,
I need your help.

Please take a few minutes to participate in this brief
survey so I know whether to start putting this
program together or go back to focusing on other


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