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Answers to Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship Questions

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With the Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship program less than 6
weeks away, we’ve received dozens of emails from fellow
(and potential) entrepreneurs who want to turn their love
of working with athletes into a profitable career.

I understand you may still be ‘kicking the tires’. You may
want to join but there are some sticking points that keep
you from taking action.

In today’s email I’m going to answer the most popular questions
and concerns we’ve received so far.

But if you have any questions about whether or not the
Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship Program is right for you,
simply reply to this email.
I’m interested in your mentorship but have a different use
in mind than pure “speed clinic”. Can I use your mentorship
and systems to run clinics and camps with my CrossFit

I see a huge opportunity for me to run 1 and 2 day clinics
as well as setting up longer term camps.


<<<<< ANSWER:

Most definitely. The information in the program is going
to be geared towards running speed camps and clinics. More
specifically, the goal is to set up a profitable business
model that can be sustained for years to come.

However, a great deal of the content deals with creating
*systems* that can be both replicated and automated in order
to continuously generate referrals, customers, training
programs, website traffic, credibility, etc.

There is much more to a profitable business than just knowing
what drills to do at a specific type of camp. In fact, that’s
the easiest part of the whole process.

So whether you want to apply the information to your
CrossFit business, speed clinics or sport specific programs,
you’ll be able to take the information and apply it to
your specific situation.

For example, if you want to establish your name and
reputation within your industry and community, it doesn’t
matter whether you run a CrossFit business, teach basketball
players how to shoot jump shots or strictly work with
100 meter sprinters. People need to be able to find you when
they search online, you need to generate publicity because
any media coverage = credibility, you need to build a list
and get that list to see you as an expert, you must
generate referrals, hire staff, etc.

While the types of athletes you are going after are different,
the systems you use to get them to find out who you are and
how you can help them are essentially the same regardless
of sport or discipline.

In the Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship we’ll share the exact
systems we use to develop and automate our businesses.

==> http://sportscampempire.com
Is the clinic only available online? Are you aware of anyone
signed up for the mentorship program from Ontario, Canada?
With far less people in Canada the market is smaller than
the U.S. Thanks for your time.


<<<<< ANSWER

Yes the program is only available online. By offering the
program in this format it becomes much more affordable for
people to acquire the information without having to pay for
travel, hotels, meals, etc. The information would be the same
whether it’s being presented online or held live in a conference
room. I am not aware of anyone from Ontario in the program.

But even if there are other people registered from your area
this should not prevent you from joining the program. There
are plenty of athletes in need of good training. Competition
should not keep you from your goals. We believe in focusing
on abundance as opposed to focusing on ‘lack’. Lack of athletes,
lack of resources, etc.

Hi guys. You know I’m really interested in your speed clinic
program. I’m a former track athlete and in the past I’ve
run a few clinics for sprinters with an o.k. success. The
problem I have is how much you are charging!!!! How can you
expect people to pay that much for some online program???
Shame on you guys.


<<<<< ANSWER

This is an issue that I could write an entire book about.

And this limiting mindset is one of the primary reasons
most peoples’ businesses never get off the ground or fail when
they do. Successful people don’t complain about having to
invest their money into something that is going to help them
become even more successful. At Athletes’ Acceleration we
spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on furthering
our education and knowledge. If we didn’t our business wouldn’t

What you have to ask yourself is this:

Is the potential *return* on your investment worth the initial
cost? Do you have the discipline to take the information
we provide and apply it? Deep down you know the answer. If
the answer is no, then the program is too expensive and you
have a ready made excuse not to join and to continue to
achieve success at your current rate. And we have no problem
with that. In fact, we don’t want you to join nor do we want
your money.

But if you understand that learning directly from people who
are more successful than you is the best way to slingshot
your way past the competition (such as those who complain
about the price) than the cost is worth it to you.

After all, if you apply the concepts that will be provided
in the program, you’ll make your money back within the first
clinic or two that you run. From there you simply replicate
and refine the process and then you’ve quickly profited
from the program.

The return on the initial investment is *limitless*.

It’s only ‘too expensive’ for people who aren’t really that
serious about starting or growing their business. But based
on the number of people who have registered so far, there
are certainly a significant number of people who are excited
about the program.

But again, it’s up to how you choose to perceive the cost.
If you are happy with where you are then keep doing what
you’ve been doing. But if you want to skip years of trial
and error and learn exactly what works, then step up and
join the program.

==> http://sportscampempire.com

Looks interesting. But what holds me back is part of what
is being ‘taught’. I don’t have a website or want one. And
I hate reading long marketing pitches so I wouldn’t consider
using them in my business. So can I register at a lesser
price and skip the parts about websites and online stuff?


>>>>> ANSWER

No you can not choose which parts you think are important.

Now, if you’re over the age of 30, computers, websites and
the Internet can be intimidating.

But here are the facts:

You need a website. People search for information online.
If you don’t have an online presence you’re leaving money
on the table. It’s just that simple.  How else will people
find out about you?

Sure you can (and should) hand out flyers and brochures. But
it takes more than one point of contact to convert a sale.
Your website gives you an infinite amount of space to let
people know who you are, what programs you offer and exactly
how you can improve their athletes’ athletic ability. And it
does so 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Let’s say you present your pitch to a youth sports organization
and then do a one hour clinic to promote a bigger clinic or
program later.

Do you think that one interaction is going to maximize attendance
at your clinic? If you do, you are wrong.

Use the materials you hand out to promote your programs, but
also to get people to your website. Parents of the athletes
will have more questions. They might not be ready to register
during your free clinic. They may be on the fence. They
may not have been at the clinic. They may have heard about
you from another parent.

Without a website you’ll lose all these people because they
won’t be able to find you.

With a website you can answer all their questions and
objections without having to talk to them individually. Your
website is your automated marketing weapon.

That said, throwing up any old website isn’t the answer.

It has to be set up to funnel people into

A) Giving you their name and email address so you can
follow up with them.

B) Registering for a clinic

And that requires setting the site up in a specific way.
Of course all of this will be covered in detail in the

You say you don’t like reading ‘long marketing pitches’.
I hear that all the time. But the fact is that long sales
letters get more sales than short ones.

An advertisement for your clinics is only too long if it
is boring to the reader. If it keeps them interested and
leads to a sale, then it’s worthwhile. After all, your
marketing has to convince people that you can make their
athletes better. Writing sales copy is a skill that most
coaches and trainers do not have.

Yet it serves as the lifeblood of your programs. You need
to focus on these areas just as much as you focus on what
drills you’re going to do at your clinics.

If you aren’t willing to focus on these areas, then you
shouldn’t run a business, you should get a job and work
for someone else.

Again, businesses fail because people think “I’m a good coach.
I can make people fast. I should start a business running
speed clinics.”

Well there is much more to a successful speed clinic business
than running speed clinics. The clinics themselves are the
easy part. Whether or not you’ll run profitable clinics
again in the future depends on  your ability to think like
a business person and not just a coach.

And we’ll help you develop that mindset once you join the
Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship Program.

==> http://sportscampempire.com

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