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Answers to Sports Nutrition Questions

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Your athletes’ nutrition is terrible. My athletes’ nutrition is terrible. It’s true.

I believe athletes would eat healthier if someone made it  clear and easy to figure out what to eat and when. Coaches and parents would tell athletes what to eat and when if we were sure we knew the answer.

I was discussing this topic, and others like it, recently with my good friend (and fellow UConn Husky) Jeff Cavaliere. Not only is Jeff a former strength and conditioning coach for the New York Mets and a featured monthly contributor to Men’s Health Magazine, but he’s a straight up health nut and knows more about the topic of sports nutrition and health for athletes than anyone I know.

So if anyone can give us some practical nutrition strategies to show our athletes, it’s Jeff.

And next Tuesday March 9, 2010 he’s hosting a Teen Sports Nutrition Webinar where he’ll share many of the sports nutrition secrets he’s discovered both as an athlete, but also working with everyone from high school athletes like ours to Major League All Stars like Carlos Delgado and David Wright. Register now and discover sports nutrition made easy
for your teenage athletes.



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