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I was reminded this weekend about how important
it is for us coaches to continue to search not only
for new information aimed at helping our athletes
improve, but for new ways of saying the exact same
things we (think we) already know.

Here’s what I mean:

One of my athletes has been extremely inconsistent
in the long jump this year. He’s either way before
the board or way over it. He doesn’t get up in the
air or counter his rotation so he face plants into
the dirt like it’s his job…

The problem is in his approach. We’ve been talking
about and working on the different parts of the jump.
I’ve explained that athletes need to develop the
same consistency in their approach as they do in
their regular acceleration work and sprint training.

But the first 4 steps of his approach are different
every time.

And it’s not like this is a team wide issue. My
girls have yet to lose a long jump competition in
9 meets this year and even set the Division 2
State Record in the Long Jump Relay this weekend,
breaking a record that stood for 29 years.

So at the meet while I was watching other events,
this athlete went out and jumped a personal best
and jumped about a foot further than he had all


Someone else had explained to him how he should
accelerate down the runway. For whatever reason,
the different explanation (of the exact same concept
I had been trying to convey) clicked for him and
he put a good jump together.

Needless to say I was disappointed in myself for
not having come up with a better inventory of
coaching cues and explanations. Because it was
simply my lack of an effective vocabulary that
kept this athlete from greater success.

Because it’s not always about knowing the fanciest,
most technical and complicated new training program
that gets results. Sometimes it’s just knowing
more ways to say the same thing.

So when an athlete doesn’t ‘get it’, you can quickly
go to your next cue or explanation…then the next
one…and the next one, until you see the lightbulb
go off.

And that’s what I love about the Complete Speed
Training program. With over 240 drills and exercises,
it’s virtually impossible not to pick up several
new ways to teach and explain different movements
and concepts that are fundamental to athletic

…Even when you’re pretty sure you ‘already know
what to do’.

Because you can know *what* to do all day, but if
you can’t get the message across to your athletes
then that information has no value at all.

You don’t have to be the perfect coach and you
shouldn’t expect to be. I know I’m not and this
story helps prove it.

But we want our athletes to succeed because of our
training and coaching, not in spite of it.

The latter happened to me this weekend and I’m not
afraid to admit it. But I do know it’s entirely
up to me to not let it happen again. And it doesn’t
have to happen to you at all.

So click here to not only pick up new information
on training athletes, but several new ways to say
the same things you already know…because sometimes
that’s the difference that makes the difference.

Complete Speed Training

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