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Exactly How to Set Up and Run a Speed Clinic

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If you want to see a successful 2 day speed clinic template
and get over 160 minutes of free audio from our teleseminar
on running profitable speed camps and clinics, click here:


Registration for our upcoming program on growing and
running a profitable business conducting sports camps
and speed clinics has been steady.

In order to run a successful business where you never have
to worry about finding enough customers, you have to over
deliver so that people feel like they got more than their
money’s worth.

And that’s what we’re doing with the Speed Clinic Empire

In addition to the program itself, we’re also giving away
8 impressive bonuses worth well over $1000.

And today we’re adding an entirely new Bonus that we’ll be
giving away to everyone who registers.

What is it?

Well many people want to know exactly how to set up an
effective clinic for a large group of athletes.

One of our instructors, Duane Carlisle, (currently the
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach of the San
Francisco 49ers) has extensive experience in this area.

In fact, he filmed a Live speed training camp that he put
on for athletes being exposed to his methods for the
first time. You will be able to look at the athletes going
through a real-time speed camp all on a 2 DVD set.

You will see EXACTLY how Coach Carlisle:

>Sets up his speed training camps
>Demonstrates how to perform speed drills and exercises
>Provides feedback to the athletes
>Deals with large groups of young and inexperienced athletes
>Implements the flow of the speed camp (learn what drills
to use and when to use them)
>Identifies and corrects movement errors

It’s an in-depth, step-by-step blue print, of how to run
a team-based speed training camp (live from an actual
lacrosse speed camp).

From warm-up to cool-down (and everything in between),
Coach Carlisle reveals his training methods and techniques
he uses in this real speed camp. Learn what exercises he
uses to develop athleticism and improve speed for
lacrosse in a team environment.

Do you want to find out exactly how Coach Carlisle runs
his speed camps and clinics? Do you want to find out how
run a speed camp for a specific sport in a team-based

Now you can discover both with Coach Carlisle’s
Team-Based Speed Training for Lacrosse 2-DVD set.

Yours at no cost when you register for the Speed Clinic
Empire Mentorship program.

==> http://www.SportsCampEmpire.com


Even if you’re only half serious about running speed
camps and clinics, it’s worth it to register just for the
information we’re giving away. At over 160 minutes, you’re
guaranteed to walk away with at least 10 tips you can use
for any setting or situation.

==> http://www.SportsCampEmpire.com

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