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Football Coaches: Off-season Strength & Conditioning Secrets

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There may be rules about when you can start practice, but in the minds of football coaches, the football season never really ends.

I completely understand that mindset. And that’s why I want to share some information with you that I think you’ll find extremely valuable.

It’s a 50 minute video about off-season strength and conditioning from 16 year NFL Strength Coach and current Purdue University Director of Sports Performance, Duane Carlisle.

He’s not trying to sell you anything. The video is taken from a seminar he recently conducted on this very topic:


You know how important it is that your football players show up to practice in shape and ready to get down to business. So your off-season training program lays the foundation for success as you make a run
to the Super Bowl.

As Duane says early in the video:

‘Methods change from time to time. But principles are timeless.’

Over the course of this eye opening video, Duane shows you exactly how he develops strong, fast, injury free athletes using cutting edge training methods that are rooted in timeless training principles.

Here are a few of the topics he covers:

  • – How to establish standards of excellence
  • – Why training must be specific to the demands of the position
  • – How to determine (and address) the individual needs of your athletes
  • – ‘Gas Tank Theory’ – Combining strength and movement training
  • – 7 Foundational Movements athletes must master before progressing in training
  • – Analysis of the specific strength & conditioning routines Duane uses with his athletes

Like I said, this is just an overview. He breaks all of these topics down in a way that is easy to understand and apply, no matter which age and skill level you work with.

If you want your football players and program to make significant improvements over last year’s results, you’ll want to watch this free video immediately:


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