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If you are a personal trainer that has a full schedule of clients and/or you have to try and manage your clients appointments yourself then read on…

Maintaining and tracking a complex single or multi-employee appointment schedule in itself can prove to be time consuming and unbearably frustrating. However, you add tracking of your client’s schedules, sessions, and membership status to the mix it quickly becomes overwhelming.

As you know spending time trying to deal with scheduling and appointment tracking of your own and other trainers client is extremely time consuming, and time is money. A top strength & conditioning professional was having the same problem and he decided to solve that problem. (It actually took him over 10 years to come up with the perfect solution).

He sent me his system to test and I must say, I loved it! I wanted to tell you about this as soon as possible.

I will do the system injustice if I speak anymore about it so go get more information at:

Personal Trainer’s Assistant

or go NOW to:


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