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I hesitated at first to send this out to you. A lot of people in
our health and fitness industry get real afraid when it comes
to any type of marketing.

The video is incredible and it’s from someone I highly respect.
Actually it’s from Internet Marketing great Frank Kern. I use and
study all of Frank’s information and actually am a member of his
Mastermind group and pay him a lot of money just to learn
from the best.

Me and Frank Kern at Mastermind Meeting in San Diego

Me and Frank Kern at Mastermind Meeting in San Diego

I finally decided to send this to you for 2 reasons.

First, I really believe in Frank Kern and all of his methods. I
wouldn’t send you something that I don’t personally endorse
or that you won’t truly benefit from.

Second, in order for you to help more people, you need
more clients & customers, so you need to learn how to
market (or improve your marketing). I’m not talking about
that over-the-top and hypey marketing that other people
use. I’m talking about ethical marketing where you speak
directly to the people you want to help.

I hope this is cool that I share this with you.

Alright, so here is the video:

Great Marketing Video Resource

In it Frank talks about:

– The so called biggest myth of internet marketing and how you
    can use it to your advantage.

– The five simple steps to creating a loyal following
    that buys from you like crazy – without using being pushy.

– He also covers new techniques that he’s using – really great stuff

…And obviously more.

It’s 100% content and one of the best internet marketing
videos out there – in any industry.

I give it my highest possible recommendation and urge you
to go here and watch it right now:
Great Marketing Video Resource


To your success,

Pat Beith

P.S. Did I mention the video is free?  This is way better than most stuff
people charge money for. Have a look and see for yourself:
Great Marketing Video Resource
P.P.S. – Let me know if you dig this sort of information. I personally
love the business and marketing side of our industry and am
heavily involved in some big projects. So I deal with this ‘stuff’ daily
and would definitely share more information like this if you are
interested. If not, that’s cool too.

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