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His Words, Not Mine…

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I find that ultimate joy and satisfaction stems from
a life spent in service to others.

It doesn’t mean you have to sell your worldy possessions
and move to a Red Cross Camp in Darfur, but we should
use our skills and talents to make other peoples’
lives better in some way that is meaningful to them.

That’s why it meant a great deal to me to receive
the following letter that I want to share with you.

And just think about this:

If a grandfather can achieve this success with a 10
year old, consider what kind of results you could
get with your athletes…
“I bought your Complete Speed Training program,
used my opportunity to speak with you in which
you addressed all my questions, plus, you gave me
advice about working with a 10 year old.

Then I was off to the West Coast to work with my
grandson for 3 months, using all the elements of
your Complete Speed Training program.  The first
day I timed Malik at 6.5 as his best of three 40
yard sprints (yes, each with adequate rest).

Because I live in Florida I had to leave a training
schedule that consisted of progression of drills
with ladder, cones, medicine balls(different
weights) and a weekly schedule.  Because Malik’s
attitude and desire to train his results were
excellent and his mother made sure he was just as
keen about his eating habits.

My daughter and I started working with Malik
shortly after my purchasing the Complete Speed
program, which has been almost two years.
I returned to Florida in February of 2007 but sent
her updates on training until I sent your training
program to her.

I would say to you that, you are the “Guru”
of speed and developing ones speed.  Not just
me but my daughter is most appreciative of your
knowledge and passion you have for your craft.

My grandson has come so far in such a short time
and all my daughter and I did was follow your
Complete Training program…but we treated it as
the “book” on speed training and development,
with absolutely no deviation.

Malik ran a blistering 5.1 40 just a
few days ago.

Thank you so much for being there for him.  He’s
soon to be 11 years old. He is the fastest, baddest,
most confident linebacker on his football team.

Appreciatively, indeed,

Jim Pennington
Pensacola, Florida


There isn’t much more I can say to that.

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