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How NOT to Run a Successful Speed Clinic

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Learn from my mistakes…

What is the easiest way to become a great coach?
Simply put, learn from others smarter than you in a particular area and apply the information yourself.
When I graduated from college many years ago, I set pretty high goals of becoming a successful coach where I would be able to help a lot of people. I believed the coaching I received in high school and college had been sub-par and I never reached my full potential. This was really my driving factor to learn as much as possible to help as many athletes as I could to fulfill their goals.
So, with my BS in Exercise Physiology, I did some research and contacted some other top coaches to see who they recommended for me to do my internship for. I ended up doing an internship with the person I believed to be the greatest strength & conditioning coach in the world. Then I continued to study as much as possible from other experts on all aspects of athletic training.
Even to this day I call and visit successful coaches to continue my education.
I am sure you are no different. There is a reason that you want to be the best coach that you can and spread your information with your athletes, their parents and other coaches. As coaches, we want to share our knowledge and pass on what we have learned to improve the lives of others. Sometimes it can be a thankless job, but there is nothing else I would rather do.
Now consider this:
What if I had to learn speed development, strength training, conditioning, power development, etc. all on my own?
Well, I honestly think that I would be a good 10 years behind where I am now and still piecing together my training programs.
I am not saying that you can’t learn on your own, it just takes a lot more time. If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best and skip over their many years of mistakes.
I am not telling you anything new. You should already have your own group of coaching mentors that you call, email, and visit to discuss training. If you have a question or problem in regards to strength and conditioning you know who to call right?
The funny thing is (funny – more sad funny, not HaHa funny), I didn’t follow that model of learning from experts when I started to run speed camps. My first speed camps were a disaster. The information I provided was great and the athletes did get a lot out of the camps, so that wasn’t the issue.
I thought I did a great job setting up the camp at first, but once it started certain things began to unravel. Some of the problems I had were:
-The camp was outside and it rained and I didn’t have a back-up plan
-I didn’t have a cash box for people that wanted to sign up the day of the camp
-I got permission from the wrong person to use a town field (when the ‘right’ person found out she threatened to send the police to shut down the camp)
-Some of my staff had different views on training so some things that were said contradicted each other
-I had a medical kit but no emergency plan if something happened
-It was held in the summer and I didn’t have any shade for the athletes to sit under during breaks and extra water if they ran out of what they brought

Those were some quick issues (there were many more) during the actual running of the camp but those were not the biggest ones.
– I never learned how to advertise and bring people in.
– I made flyers, put ads in the newspaper and thought that was all I needed (I spent a lot of money with a negative return).
-I didn’t look for any sponsors to help me pay for the cost of the camp
– I made a camp that was too general that I thought that everyone would want to join (the rule is if you think it appeals to everyone, it actually appeals to no one), so I immediately diminished the amount of athletes that would come to the camp.
-I had no referral system in place for my athletes that I coached to recommend the camp to their friends

Are you starting to get the idea?

Here are some more of my early mistakes:

-I didn’t use athletic directors, local professionals, other coaches, the media, booster clubs, parents, etc. to help promote my camp.
-I had no idea how valuable the internet was to finding prospects
-The advertisements that were created were boring and provided no benefit to athletes (only features)
-I didn’t understand the value of doing joint ventures with other coaches and professionals
-I had no retention plan to bring athletes who did attend back the following year
-I could go on and on but I won’t (you’re welcome)
I really had no plan or system in place to create an on-going business out of running speed camps.

So what did I do?
I found a local coach who had been running sports camps for over 10 years. She started off with just one camp over the summer and turned it into an actual business.  She now runs multiple camps each summer. Well, she holds a ton of camps with her name attached to it. She teaches her staff her system so her camp can be in more places without her time being the limiting factor. That coach makes mid-6 figures just running camps over the summer. And the best part is she is able to help a lot more athletes since she created her system of running camps.

More over, learning from this experienced professional allowed me to achieve the immediate ‘Aha’ moments that let me bypass making the same mistakes with my next programs.

And my success has only skyrocketed since making the life changing decision of simply following the techniques of more successful entrepreneurs.

If someone you trust would just give you a step by step blueprint for running successful speed camps so you could bypass their years of mistakes and make more money while helping more athletes, you would jump at the offer wouldn’t you?

Then don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

I’ve teamed up with 4 highly successful coaches and entrepreneurs who want to help you bypass years of trial and error to develop the same levels of success we have achieved….but in a fraction of the time, effort and frustration.

We’ve been where you are right now. And we’ve evolved to where you want to be.

And when you join the Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship Program, we’ll help you get to that next level.

There is one small catch however….

You only have until 11:59pm EST on Friday November 30, 2007 to receive the ‘First in Line’ Early Bird Registration Discount. After that, the price goes up. No exceptions.


Yours in speed (and success),
Patrick Beith

P.S. If you’ve been on the fence, ‘kicking the tires’, considering starting or growing a profitable business running sports camps, speed clinics and specialized coaching programs, this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive individual attention and access to successful entrepreneurs who will personally give you solutions to your business development questions…guaranteed.

P.P.S. The ‘First in Line’ Early Bird Registration Discount is only being offered until 11:59pm EST on Friday November 30. So register now!


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