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How to Get Bigger and Stronger than Ever…Before Summer

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Most of the time I reserve my emails
for articles about speed development
and sports training.

But I know there are many of you who
are just as interested in building
size and strength as you are in
improving athletic performance.

So I’d be doing you a disservice by
neglecting to tell you about an
incredible offer being put on the
table by one of my favorite strength
coaches, Jason Feruggia.

Jason is a Professional Fitness Coach
working with everyone from high school
and professional athletes to celebrities.
He’s also the Head Training Advisor for
Men’s Fitness Magazine. So I highly
recommend you check out this program:


The fact is, there are
only eight weeks left until spring.
That means there is no time like the
present to get started on your summer
shape up program. That includes a well
thought out training program that
focuses primarily on progressive
overload, heavy weights and compound

It also includes a muscle building,
fat shredding nutrition plan that
utilizes the right nutrients at the
right times and places a great
emphasis on fruits, vegetables, nuts
and seeds as well as adequate amounts
of protein and healthy fats. For
maximal results carb/calorie cycling
should be incorporated.

The third piece of the puzzle is
recovery. If you want to get jacked
by summer you need to be sure you are
doing everything you can to optimize
your recovery from training. That
includes using certain types of
flexibility work, massage, stress
reduction techniques and optimizing
your sleep.

You can learn how to put all three
pieces of the puzzle together for
maximal results in minimal time with
the fail proof, Muscle Gaining Secrets
package which is brand new and fully
updated for 2008. There is no better
program to get you in shape for summer.

To kick off the get-in-shape-for-summer
training season I am pleased to announce
that we are holding a very special three
day sale that starts now and goes until
Thursday, February 21st at midnight,
EST. During this time you will get SEVEN
brand new bonuses which will only be
available for the next three days. Each
one of these bonuses has been hand
picked by Jason and kicks @$$!

Plus you get a lifetime membership to
Jason’s brand new, private, members-only

All of the info can be found here:


Don’t miss out on this limited time
opportunity to finally have the body
you have always dreamed of this summer.

If you want to get absolutely jacked and
shredded you can’t afford to miss this.


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