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How to run a speed clinic

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If you’ve ever instructed athletes or coached a team, you can easily
run profitable speed camps and clinics.

I’m serious! Just listen to my story…

OK, the truth is, years ago when I ran my very first speed clinic,
I only had SIX paying customers. Yes, I said six. Needless to
say I didn’t profit from that clinic. However, I did learn a valuable

Even though I knew how to coach speed, I didn’t know much about
the business side of running speed camps and clinics. If I was going
to be successful, I needed to learn from professionals who were
already making lots of money doing the same thing.


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The truth is I was really embarrassed that my first speed clinic
was, let’s be honest, a complete flop! I was determined that my next
clinic would be so successful that athletes would be sprinting past
each other to sign up for future offerings.

That’s when I decided to purchase Ryan Lee and Jeremy Boone’s
Speed Clinic Profits program.

That decision has completely changed my life in ways that I can
only scratch the surface of in this email.

Ryan Lee is a guru of marketing and promotion for fitness
professionals. He has helped literally tens of thousands of coaches
and trainers learn to leverage their knowledge into more profits.
Over the Years, Ryan has personally helped me grow my business
at a pace that I can barely keep up with. He is an expert among

Jeremy Boone is one of the most successful speed coaches on the
planet. In addition to being the speed consultant for the NFL’s
Carolina Panthers, he works directly with athletes such as Mushin
Muhammad of the Chicago Bears and Trot Nixon of the Boston
Red Sox. Jeremy is also the only person to ever get permission to
run a major speed clinic at Denver’s Mile High Stadium.

Talk about two guys who know what they’re doing!!

As soon as I started listening to the program I immediately began
to see all of the mistakes that I had made. I was filled first with
great frustration once I realized how a few small changes in my
approach could have made a huge difference in my clinic.

At the same time I was equally excited at the potential for future
clinics. I no longer had to rely on trial and error in order to learn
the tricks of the trade. I could bypass years of frustration and
immediately implement the proven strategies of two experienced


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Well my next clinic was a completely different story. We filled up
all our slots and I had to run another clinic for the ‘extra’ athletes.
We went from a total of 6 athletes to 53 athletes in just one year.
That’s an improvement of almost 900%!! A jump in numbers like
that would never have been possible without Ryan and Jeremy’s

Now that’s what I call an impressive return on my investment!

Since that first traumatic experience, we have consistently filled our
clinics with athletes, no matter what sport or age group the clinic was
marketed to.

Our success has spread from the playing fields to the internet as well.
I’ve even given up running my own camps and clinics to consult with
other coaches on theirs. In fact, they now pay ME to come to THEIR
clinic and teach my techniques to their athletes!

Who would have guessed that after my first sorry attempt at a clinic?

The bottom line is this:

If you’ve thought about running your own speed camps and clinics
as a new career, a supplement to your current coaching or even as a
means to create a little extra revenue for the summer, then this is the
email you’ve been waiting for.

It’s time to stop procrastinating, making excuses or waiting until next
year. That’s what I did at first and look where it got me. And look at
me now. You wouldn’t be reading this email if it I hadn’t taken that
step and gotten Ryan and Jeremy’s program.

Summer is speed clinic season and pretty soon athletes are going to
start signing up for available clinics.

Here is your opportunity to leap frog over your competition and pull
those athletes to your camps and clinics. If you only use a handful
of the techniques found in this program (I promise you’ll use much
more than that) you will more than earn back what you pay.

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