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I can’t recommend this enough…

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If you haven’t heard yet, you’re hearing it here

Legendary strength and conditioning expert Mike
Boyle is releasing his newest program, Functional
Strength Coach 3.0 – A Joint by Joint Approach to
Training, *today* (Wednesday October 21).

Here’s the deal:

I have the program. I’ve been watching it over and
over again for the past week or two.

(What can I say, I know people.)

I’m not one to get all misty eyed over a strength
and conditioning resource, but….

Functional Strength Coach 3.0 is RIDICULOUS.

I’m an information junkie as it is, but this program
has my head spinning.

It’s *that* good.

The first two DVDs alone (there are eight, not
including the 2 bonus DVDs and Workout Muse) gave me
more ideas for upgrading my programs than I can
possibly attempt to lay out here.

Want an example? Squats. A staple of nearly every
credible strength training program.

Until now. Because I’m cutting them out. I’ve been
ready to cut them for the past couple years, but Boyle’s
explanation and results were the tipping point for me.

That’s just one of many examples, but you really need to
see all these concepts for yourself:

Now, I’ll be honest. This is not a program for beginners.

If you know you’re an inexperienced coach or trainer and
you don’t have confidence in your current system,
you might be in over your head.

But if you know enough to know that you can *always* make
improvements to every element of your training and the
idea of tweaking this and changing that gets you excited
about the range of improvement your athletes can make this
year, then you *NEED* this program.

Functional Strength Coach 3.0 is one of those programs that
makes me *almost* feel bad for coaches and trainers who aren’t
referencing it. Because their athletes and clients just won’t
be able to compete with those of us who do.

(I said *almost*. I like winning too much to feel genuine
sorrow for people who ignore this email.)

If you’ve followed me for any period of time you know I
NEVER push a program this hard in any of my emails.

But I think it’s *that* good. And if you coach athletes of any
sport or gender from high school through professional, you
simply have to make Functional Strength Coach 3.0 part of your
training library.

It is the very definition of ‘must have’.

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