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A ‘New Breed’ of Coach? (video)

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I can talk about the importance of speed development in athletes until I’m blue in the face. Knowing that 53% of the people reading this have yet to invest in a resource from Athletes’ Acceleration tells me that most of you still aren’t sold.

Sold on the idea. Sold on me. Sold on my programs. Sold on something. And I completely understand that. Open minded skepticism is rarely a bad thing.

Earlier this summer, I was contacted by a producer from a Boston television station interested in doing a feature on the importance of training speed in today’s athlete, especially at the developmental level.

That segment aired this past Wednesday and I really had no idea what to expect. Since they told me they’d be interviewing several speed coaches, I didn’t know if I’d get anything more than a quick sound byte. By the looks of the video, they liked what they saw and heard…

Like I said, it’s one thing when I tell you how important this is for you and your athletes. You might take it with a grain of salt. But when a major market news station builds a segment around what you’re doing, you know you must be on to something.

So check out what they came up with…

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