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Now that’s some horse and buggy s#!%!

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Want faster, stronger, more explosive athletes?

Want to win more games, go deeper into the season
and have more athletes join and/or try out for
your team or program?

It’s simple.

This is all you have to do:

Modernize Your Program.

The biggest reason you, your athletes and/or
your program aren’t better is because you’re
running an outdated system.

You’re still driving a horse and buggy while
your competition is driving sports cars, SUVs
and hybrids.

You can’t be successful in the 21st Century
when you’re running a 20th Century program.

Because my athletes will just destroy yours…

…even if your athletes have more natural

Here’s an example.

Let’s say (theoretically of course) I know
of a certain school. We’ll call it the ‘Black

This school claims to be a real serious football

And historically it’s been a Powerhouse.

But not anymore. Now it’s riding on it’s reputation.

Another school in the league is now the powerhouse.
We’ll call it the ‘Green School’.

The coaches from the Black School say that they
want to be the best, win the league, win a SuperBowl.

But their athletes are not taught 21st Century
movement skills, speed, strength or conditioning.

How do I know if I don’t coach that team? The
players tell me. And ask for help.

For example, they’re told not to do a plyo step
out of an athletic stance
to explode through
the line.

Instead they learn to roll forward and take a step
or just walk forward.

Now that’s some horse and buggy s#!%.

At the Black School the football players don’t
lift weights during the season!!


How can they be prepared to perform at their highest
*if* they make it to the post season in early
December if they haven’t touched a weight since

Now that’s some horse and buggy s#!%!

(This is not the exception, it’s how most sports
in most schools all over the planet are run!)

Because let’s say I happen to be close personal
friends with one of the coaches from the Green

And I know that the green team is driving around
in a sports car. They’re living here in the
21st Century.

Does the Horse and Buggy Team have a realistic
chance to beat the Sports Car Team?

All things being equal…they have no chance.

Not because they have bad football coaches. I’m
sure they know their spread offense or whatever
schemes they run.

But their athletic development is inferior to the
green team. And with underdeveloped and inefficient
athletes you could be Bill Belicheck out there.

You’re going to lose to the team with better

So modernize your program.

Burn that horse and buggy.

And join us in the 21st Century.


For 21st Century athletic development, click here.

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