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Preseason training for 400m runners (Week 8)

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Be sure to listen to this week’s ‘Audio Breakdown
because I have some good information to share and
as things are now starting to change as we draw
closer to the season, you’ll want to understand
why I’m shifting in a different direction and what
I want to accomplish. 

Each Monday, for the next 4 weeks (and a total
of 12 weeks), I’ll be posting a preseason
training program for developmental 400m

I get so many questions about this event I’ve
decided to share what I’m doing. This way
you can copy it, pick it apart (respectfully),
or flat out steal it. Use it and see just
how much your athletes improve.

Of course, feel free post your comments and
questions below. I can’t guarantee I’ll
answer all of them, but I’ll do my best.


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M: 6 – 8 x 40m, 6-8 x standing triple
R = 4′

Lift Day 1: Circuit format. 2 x 8 Rest between exercises
90 seconds. 3′ sets. Use challenging weight

Bench press
Pull ups
Step ups
One arm row
T: 4-5 x 300 hills R= walk back

10′ warmdown jog @ conversational pace

Lift Day 2: Circuit format. 2 x 8 Rest between exercises:
90 seconds. 3′ sets. Use challenging weight

Bulgarian split squat (back leg up on bench single leg lunge)
Chin ups
Clap Pushup
Box Jump

W: 3 x 8 x 100m @ 75%, R= 45 seconds between reps, 90
seconds between sets

B: 15.0 – 15.5
G: 17.8 – 18.3

Core – stabilization.
Hurdle mobility.
10′ static stretch

TH: 4-5 x Split 600s. R = 7′ (Workout of the Week!)

B: 33/48/33
G: 38/50/38

Lift Day 1

F: 2 x 10 x diaganols R= 5′ sets

Here’s how it works: Run on a football field, from the back
of the endzone to the back of the opposite endzone, but on
the diaganol.

Finish, then do a set of 10 (each leg) bodyweight exercises. Alternate
between prisoner squat, split squat, lunges each time you get to this
‘leg station’.

Walk the width of the field for recovery. Run the diaganol again.
Finish, do a set of 20 ab exercise. Athlete’s choice: crunches, bicycles,
russian twists, toe touch, etc.

Walk the width of the field for recovery. Run the diaganol. Do a different
leg exercise. Repeat the process.

One set = 10 intervals. Only do bodyweight exercises for the first set!

Lift Day 1.

It may seem like a long time, but there are less than
7 weeks to go before indoor track starts in most
areas. And I’m starting to get into full gear to
be ready to roll when it starts.

If you haven’t listened to the above audio, I highly
recommend you do so. It’s good information that
will help you and your athletes. (I’ll admit it’s
long, but I gave you the option to download the

If you’re looking for drills and exercises to teach
that are on video, you want Complete Speed Training.


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