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RE: Blue Pill or Red Pill? Drugs I Feed My Athletes

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In my email yesterday I talked about the importance
I place on educating my athletes about their training
so they understand exactly what is going to make them
better athletes.

How, like Morpheus in the movie The Matrix, I offer
them the blue pill (just train and go home) or the
red pill (the truth about becoming a faster athlete).

And what a profound impact taking the red pill can
have on athletic performance.

How profound?

Here at Athletes’ Acceleration we’re celebrating our
most recent success story in helping young athletes
reach new levels of athletic achievement!

This past winter I went back to my alma mater and
began working with a group of high school sprinters
I had never seen or met before.

Just 14 weeks later, my girls 4×200 meter relay team
achieved something that hadn’t been done at the
school since Ronald Reagan was President (a span of
22 years) – won an All State Championship!

To celebrate this impressive accomplishment by a
hard working and highly dedicated group of athletes,
we’re having a special ‘State Champions’ sale here
at AthletesAcceleration.com.

From Wednesday March 5, 2008 until 11:59pm EST on
March 7, 2008, you’ll save 15% on every program and
resource on this site. And this discount applies
whether you purchase one program or several.

We only promote resources that meet our high
standards of approval, so you can be sure any choice
you make will be a good one.

So visit:


And check out all the highly effective coaching
and training resources we offer.

To apply the 15% discount to your purchase, When
checking out, simply enter the coupon code: SCSM

And remember, this offer ends on Friday March 7, 2008
at 11:59pm EST.

Again, don’t forget the code: SCSM

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