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Re: The youth fitness revolution

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Last week I let you know about how the youth
fitness community is changing drastically and
what you can do to stay in the fore-front of
our industry.

It’s all about trying to help as many athletes as
possible by having access to best information

My friend Brian Grasso and his organization – The
International Youth Conditioning Association – have
officially released their brand new ‘Level 1: Youth
Fitness Specialist’ certification.

And the timing couldn’t be any better.

The rate of youth obesity has grown by as much as
20% worldwide over the past 10 years.

The youth sports training industry is littered with
over-zealousness, confusion and inappropriate
conditioning methods.

There is a need to educate passionate and dedicated
professionals in order to serve this incredibly
underserviced demographic better.

Many organizations have shown that the youth obesity
rate will climb to as high as 50% by 2010.

And even with the incredible expansion of the youth
sports training industry in the way of franchises,
facilities and consulting groups, young athletes
continue to be trained poorly and are suffering
from record high injury rates.

Brian and the IYCA are focused and dedicated on
creating change in these areas through a comprehensive
and cutting-edge educational process that will vault
you into the frontlines of helping combat these
problems worldwide.
Over 1 million children, youths and teenagers hired
a Personal Trainer in the United States last year.

That’s an all-time high.

The ‘youth’ market is growing at an unprecedented
rate and the opportunities that have come with it
are literally limitless.
The youth obesity and sports training epidemics
have reached a climaxing concern.
I know that you are passionate about providing your
athletes with the best training possible, that’s why
I wanted to let you know about the youth training
organization that shares your passion and dedication.
Go take a look for yourself and see how you
can get involved –

To your success,

Patrick Beith
Athletes Acceleration
P.S. –  Brian and the IYCA are only letting their ‘Level 1:
Youth Fitness Specialist’ certification be available to
the first 500 people in order to assure quality of service
to each of the certified members.

I am not sure how many people will see the IYCA’s
message, but I know it will be over 500,000. So if
you want to check out what the IYCA and the certification
is all about, I suggest that you check it out now:


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