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RE: Too Fast, Too Far, Too Soon?

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I got a few dozen questions about yesterday’s email.

And, unfortunately, that’s just more than I can
respond to individually…

On the bright side I’ve addressed these questions in
the past, so I wanted to direct you to the answers.

The biggest question was about the ‘short to long’
program and what that is.

Recently I wrote a fairly extensive article on this
topic. You can check that out here:
I also talked about running turns as part of running
the 200m dash.

My team had their first meet yesterday. Since this is
my first spring season working with this group, none
of them had any clue how to run the event.

So, of course, I explained it and we did some work
out of blocks to prepare.

After winning his race yesterday, my top male sprinter
noted that now that he had a race plan, ‘it felt
a lot different’.

In asking him to clarify, he noted that in the past,
he’d come off the turn and already be breaking down.
So he wouldn’t have the strength (and by ‘strength’
he means speed endurance) to finish strong.

So he would break down and his times suffered.

But yesterday, with a different race strategy, he
said he felt good coming off the turn. Over the last
80 meters, where he expected to be exhausted, he
still felt explosive, fast and mechanically sound.

And it certainly wasn’t the smoothest race I’ve seen
so that performance will only improve.

So, many of you asked how I train my 200 meter

I wrote an article about that as well. You can check
it out here:

You will be walked, step by step, through putting
this entire process together in the Complete
Speed Training Program.

==> http://www.CompleteSpeedTraining.com

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