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Review- How to teach the skill of speed

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Now that we’ve taken a more detailed look at
the mechanics, teaching points and cues of
acceleration work and top speed training, you’ve
no doubt realized there is much more to it than
you previously imagined!

And that is a common realization that coaches,
parents and trainers come to.

But when athletes come to understand that there
is a certain *way* they are supposed to run – that
there are certain movements they must focus on
and perfect – and that these movements must be
done a certain way every time – it gives them
something to build and improve upon.

As the coach, you develop the ‘eye’ for spotting
and correcting breakdowns in these skills the
more you watch it being done correctly in the
Complete Speed Training videos and then take that
information back to your practices.

I could only give you a piece of each skill in
the videos because, like with speed training drills, there
is a progression that should be followed for
best results.

But if you missed the last 2 videos or haven’t
gone back and watched my breakdowns, I recommend
you do it again before your next practice or

Here they are:

Acceleration –


Maximum Velocity –


Keep incorporating the concepts I discussed in
these videos into your program and you will see
athletes continue to improve.

Or at the very least, you’ll see just how far they
have to go!

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