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Review – pushing through the glass ceiling

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So now you understand just how important developing
strength and power is to overall sports performance.

If you think about it, it really is common sense.

Speed work and great mechanics will improve speed,
no question.

But at some point an athlete tops out in terms of
efficiency. The only way to continue to improve
is to steadily develop their strength levels so
they can apply greater force and propel their
bodies faster.

As you can see from the videos it starts with
mastering basic technique. If they don’t get that
down, they’re going to get hurt, plain and simple.

So, if you haven’t been applying the information
from the videos, please go back and watch them
again. Then start your athletes using these exercises
while mastering the technique:

Strength training –


Plyometrics –


Of course, the information I’m sharing with you
is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are certain rep schemes, loads, volumes and
exercises athletes should follow for best results.

And I cover those details at length in the Complete
Speed Training Program

But again, get technique down first.

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