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Secrets to Strength & Conditioning for Football

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Duane Carlisle, 16 Year NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach and current Director of Sports Peformance at Purdue University is back with another excellent video. Today he’s covering one of the most popular and important topics in football training:

Strength & Conditioning


He covers so much good information over the course of this 50 minute video I’d be doing it a disservice to try and cover it all here.

Just go watch it. It’s worth it:

Secrets to Strength & Conditioning for Football

But, if you’re looking for a little more, here are a few of the topics he covers in this free video:

– Why Alactic Power Endurance (APE) is *the* most important quality to train in all of your players
– 7 specific physical effects that occur after any training session
– Simple recovery techniques that improve effort and performance all season
– 4 Facts about muscle repair and rebuilding
– The 6 ‘Intensive Training Activities’ that make up the pieces of the training puzzle

Of course, that’s just a quick overview. But the success of your football players and program as a whole depend on how well you understand and implement these concepts in your training.

That’s why I highly recommend watching Coach Carlisle’s free 50 minute video. He’s not trying to pitch you a product, this is pure content for you to take and use.

Check it out:

Secrets to Strength & Conditioning for Football

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