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Whenever I hear from people who have yet to get their
own copy of Complete Speed Training, they usually say
the same couple of things.

One of the primary hesitations people have is that they
don’t believe it will actually work.

And I understand your concern.

Even though Complete Speed Training is our best selling
program (far outselling other cheaper resources), it has
been sold in over 70 different countries and all 50 US
states, it is used everywhere from professional sports teams
and Division I Universities to Youth Sports Organizations
and Masters athletes, you may still be on the fence.

The program has been used with success in every sport from
track and field, football, basketball and soccer to swimming
Netball, squash and even training horses (I’m not making
that up!).

(And if hesitate because the program isn’t ‘specific to your
sport’ then you haven’t been paying attention!)

We have audio success stories and written success stories
from real customers.

We let you break up the price into 3 easy payments (if cost
is the issue) and offer a No-Hassle 365 Day Money Back
Guarantee if you don’t think the program works or you just
think it stinks.

So I wanted to share another Complete Speed Training success
story with you. I can’t think of a better way of convincing
you of the value of the program than by telling you about
other coaches and athletes who have benefitted from it.

Check this out:
” I am a 25 year old training for the 100 and 200 metres
with Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow at Thames Valley
Athletic Centre in Eton, United Kingdom. After a four year
break studying at university I wanted to get back into my
athletics as quickly and effectively as possible. I wanted
a regime that would give me maximum results that encompassed
all aspects of training for pure speed, to fit around my
working life, to make best use of the time.

After using the Complete Speed Training I found that all
the grey areas and common misconceptions such as repetitive
track sessions (4x200m,4x150m,2x100m) excessive weight
training using excercises that don’t develop speed were
effectively disproved by thorough explaination given in CST.

I have noticed that my training schedule including those
used in CST has made a marked improvement in my track
sessions and has helped my grow in confidence knowing that
I am following a successful path and taken the guess work
out of truly developing speed. In the track season for
2008 I hope to beat my personal best of 10.7 seconds in the
100m 22 seconds in the 200m and its encouraging to know
that using CST will help to reach my goals. I have introduced
the the programme to my brother Michael who is the in top 10
for his age group in the country and he finds that CST
covers everything.”

Best Regards,
Andy Weekes
United Kingdom

==> http://www.CompleteSpeedTraining.com
You owe it to yourself and to your athletes to take advantage
of the most effective speed training program on the market.

I’m taking all the risk and I stand by my money back guarantee.

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