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Speed Training – Back to the Basics

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Everyone loves controversy. It’s a fact. Look at how many people are looking for more details about the Mitchell Report and everyone wants to weigh in their opinion. In fact, if you take a look on Google, there are 2,510,000 results showing just on the Mitchell Report itself.


For Athletes Acceleration, we posted an interview by a respected coach and we received a lot of feedback.


We were told that his views are:


– very informative

– extremely thought provoking

– not practical

– that he puts his point across very well, but I still feel there are holes in his argument

– simple in concept but does it actually work

– wow, why didn’t I try this sooner

– that his minimalist approach is not good for everyone



So, that being said, it’s time for the latest Barry Ross article with his approach to speed training (it’s a great read):





Yours in speed,

Patrick Beith




P.S.-  To read Barry Ross’s article Speed Training – Back to the Basics, go to:


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