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Speed Training Made Simple

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OK, I have a couple questions I’d like to
ask you…

You may have never really let yourself think about
this, but I want you to give it some thought…

Has the lack of consistent progress and speed of your
athletes ever made you worry you might not be as good
a coach as you thought you were…especially since
other programs seem to be good year after year?

Or maybe your son or daughter is underachieving and
you’ve lost faith that their sports coaches are ever
going to help them meet their potential…and you
can’t sit back and do nothing any more.

You’ve read some free articles online, maybe even
purchased a book or video. You tried to explain the
drills and ran the exact workouts they said to run…

But somehow the results just didn’t show up like you
thought they would.

I understand what you’re going through because I’ve
been there.

Now…every once in a while I’d start to see progress
and I REALLY thought my athletes were going to move up to
the next level…

But it was short lived and when it counted they reverted
back to their old ineffective technique.

They just couldn’t pull it all together.

I took their lack of success personally.

I made excuses. I just didn’t have any talent to work
with. Those other teams’ kids were ‘naturally fast’.

The other schools were bigger and had a larger talent

For a while I told myself whatever I could to convince
myself that the blame was not MY FAULT…

After all, I didn’t think I was any less intelligent
than the coaches or parents of the really fast

I just couldn’t pull it all together.

So I made a plan.

I read every article I could find. I subscribed to
every training forum that existed. I posted every
question I had.

I spent thousands of dollars on DVDs, books and
manuals. I went to conferences and took notes. I
went to the presenters and asked them questions.

I looked up coaches online and called them at their
Universities…and kept calling until they answered
my questions.

All the while I started applying what I was learning
to my groups of athletes.

I took notes and recorded results. I got feedback from
them and wrote that down.

Before long I started noticing something…

They were winning more races. Earning more playing time.

They were becoming confident. Instead of HOPING to do
well they started EXPECTING to do well.

They started breaking records and getting their names
in the paper.

Their friends started coming to me for help. Parents
were approaching me at the gym and at competitions
asking me to help their kids – even at rival programs.

My program was becoming one of those programs I
secretly DESPISED.

I realized that I had started to figure this whole
speed training thing out.

And it wasn’t as complicated as some of the ‘experts’
made it seem.

I needed to get this information out to people so
they could get the same results without having to
dedicate their lives (and thousands of dollars)
to figure it out.

So I took all my notes. I took all my drills and
teaching cues. I took all my progressions. I took it
all broke it down into pieces.

I progressed everything from simple to complex so it
would be easy for any one to understand. A new coach
could jump in and use it from the beginning.

A more experienced coach could jump in a little bit
deeper into the program…

When all was said and done I had 191 minutes of footage
spread across 5 DVDs. I had a training manual. I had
a 4 week sample program that covered everything you
would need to do for every workout.

Then I said to myself: But what if people still have

So I added a 30 minute phone consultation so you
could ask me any questions you have. That way there
is no way to be confused.

Because everything else out there only covered bits
and pieces of the training puzzle.

Or it was geared toward college athletes. Or coaches.

Or it spoke like you had a Masters degree in

And I knew most coaches and parents aren’t any of
those things.

The result is Complete Speed Training.

It’s the most comprehensive speed development program
available. And it’s also the most straight forward
and easy to understand.

It was designed to give you a foundation for long
term athletic development…

And also give quick fixes to minor problems.

If you work with athletes and you want to see consistent
eye opening results, then this program is going to

Go here to the page where you can get all the info:

Since releasing Complete Speed Training, we now
have satisfied customers in over 72 different countries
(at last count) and all 50 US States:
“The improvement of speed and overall conditioning of
my athletes is amazing.”

“I implemented the fundamentals of “The Complete
Speed Training Program” in my club, with great
success. Every athlete benefits from this
program. Not only for fast track athletes, also
slower field athletes. The benefit goes beyond Track
& Field. The improvement of speed and overall
conditioning of my athletes is amazing.

This year 2007, we had six athletes qualifying for
the National Championships, and between them managed
to bring home 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.
One of my athletes came 9th in the final of the 5th
IAAF World Youth Championships in Ostrava (CZE). In
any language, that is IMPROVEMENT.

“The Complete Speed Training Program” is necessary
for any coach and athlete who are serious about
excelling and improving God given talent.”

Dirk van Rensburg
Free State, South Africa

==> http://www.CompleteSpeedTraining.com

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