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We all need mentors. After all, even the best coaches
have coaches.

The other day I went out for lunch with my mentor, the
man who taught me that good coaching starts with a
foundation of education.

(I thought that being a good athlete automatically
made me a good coach – a common belief among former
athletes. And an incorrect one.)

We each have athletes capable of winning conference and
state titles and, coincidentally, they compete in the
same events in the same conference.

So it’s been fun to watch them go head to head. It’s
too early to say whose athletes have the upper hand
so far, but let’s just say I didn’t have to pay for

(Sorry Murph!)

As we were talking training he brought out the program
he used when coaching the fastest sprinter in our
region of the past 20 years.

Good thing I had a cold beverage to wash down the
humble pie!

As I looked it over it reinforced the importance of
seeking the wisdom of coaches who have more experience
than you.

If you really want to improve the
speed and athletic success of your athletes, you
need a mentor too.

Someone who knows more about the process than you do.

Someone who can walk you through the steps and stages
of speed development.

That’s why I created the Complete Speed Training

The program serves as an any-time mentor for you as
you develop and fine tune your coaching skill and

Over the course of 5 DVDs and over 3 hours of video
instruction, I’ll walk you through every step of
developing faster athletes.

Want to know the best way to get your athletes prepared
for practices and competitions?

From full dynamic warmups drills, exercises and
routines to hip mobility and self myofascial release
(the foam rolling techniques that are all the rage
these days) I’ll explain exactly when, why and how
to add these movements into your program.

Next I break down multidirectional speed and agility.

Understand exactly how to develop coordination and
improve athletes’ ability to quickly and explosively
shift gears and change directions.

And I progress it all from simple movements to more
complex actions so you know exactly when and where
to jump in.

You need to condition your athletes and develop their
work capacity don’t you?

Of course.

Discover how to develop appropriate levels of
general strength and aerobic power to guarantee your
athletes can handle the demands of the speed, strength
and power development that serves as the foundation
of their training.

Speaking of which…

I commit an entire DVD to strength and power training.

The junk I see most athletes doing in the weight room
hurts my eyes on a daily basis.

So I’ll show you the weight training exercises that
develop the strength that carries over to the track,
field or court.

And I’ll tell you how often to do them and give specific
tips for making sure the exercises are performed

I’ve gotten some pretty good results with my athletes
so I want to pay it forward and mentor you.

==> http://tinyurl.com/yoz8bd
Plyometric training is another great way to develop
power…but only if it is done right.

And based on my experience, chances are your athletes
aren’t doing it right…if at all.

I’ll walk you through a progression of plyometric
training where each exercise builds upon the previous
one. You’ll know exactly what to look for before
letting athletes progress to more advanced movements.

And of course we have the bread and butter of the

And my primary area of expertise.

How to improve speed and acceleration.

Most programs aren’t even doing real speed work. You
might not even know what it is. Or you’re hesitant
to buy into the rest periods, demands and changes
to the way you’ve been doing things that this type
of training requires.

I don’t have time to go into it here, but I break it
down into great detail in Complete Speed Training.

I’ll show you all the major mechanical mistakes holding
your athletes back…and how to fix them.

You’ll see exactly how to progress athletes starting
with the type of workouts that set the foundation
for future success.

You’ll get video breakdowns of acceleration development,
and top speed training. So if you work with field and
court sports and want to focus primarily on acceleration,
it’s right there for you.

When you want to bring in top speed training
(especially for you track coaches) I cover that too…
like teaching athletes the critical skill of ‘floating’.

Have you ever been at a competition in any sport and
actually watched athletes attempt to perform speed

It’s almost like their coaches are trying to create
more mechanical problems instead of fix them.

It’s sad really.

And once you teach your athletes my progression of
speed drills immediately see improvements to speed
and technique, you’ll cringe when you watch
those ‘other’ athletes too.

If I see you at a competition we’ll look at each other
and share a wink and a smile…

Because we know what our athletes are about to do
to these average kids.

Even if you are a bit confused about how to tie all
this information together I have that covered as well.

Complete Speed Training comes with a 28 day sample
program where every workout, set, rep and exercise
is laid out for you to copy and amend.

Could you still be overwhelmed with information?

Not likely, but I want to make sure you have total
confidence in the training you give your athletes.

With Complete Speed Training you get a 30 minute
phone consultation with me.

If you have a question about coaching, training,
running camps and clinics…anything at all…

I’ll make sure you get your answers before we get
off the phone.

I guarantee this information works.

I’ll give you your money back if it doesn’t.

That’s how confident I am in Complete Speed Training.

So let me mentor you, your athlete/s, your program.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And there is simply no other coaching resource on
the planet that delivers like Complete Speed Training.

Order today and revolutionize the way you coach speed.

==> http://tinyurl.com/yoz8bd


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