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Sports camp advice from my honeymoon?

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A few weeks ago I got married then went on 
my honeymoon .

In fact, I thought of you while I was there.

OK, that sounded a little weird, so let
me clarify…

I went to a Sandals Resort in
St. Lucia for my honeymoon. The reason I
chose to go to Sandals was really due to
my laziness. I didn’t want to think too
much after the wedding, so I wanted to go
somewhere that would take care of everything
for me.

In case you don’t know what Sandals is,
it’s a resort that is all-inclusive.
So your room & board, food, drinks, etc.
are already paid for upfront.

This is why I thought of you. It’s actually
a great business model that you can use for
your business.

First let’s look at what Sandals offers:

They offer services like airport transfers,
golfing, snorkeling, food from all different
types of restaurants, unlimited drinks
(which can get ugly), sailing, water skiing,
tennis, volleyball, billiards, and they
have entertainment every night, plus a ton
more. (they don’t even accept tips). 

Now I don’t want to sound like I am pitching
you to go to Sandals, I just want you to
look at your own business.

What if you set up your gym or camp like

Picture your camp being all inclusive. You
could offer everything to your campers.

For example, if I was running a football
camp for quarterbacks:

I would obviously offer the skills portion
for the quarterback position covering
passing, hand-offs, play action, and other
technical skills a quarterback needs.

But what if I also included:

– Speed training for a faster 40 yard dash
– Strength training and weight room work
– Nutrition information to show them what
  they should & shouldn’t eat
– Agility training so they can learn how
  to cut better and become quicker
– Power training to become more explosive
– Flexibility training and core work so
  they are less likely to get hurt
– Conditioning work so they don’t fade in
  the 4th quarter
– Mental toughness and leadership skills
– Motivational talk from a professional,
  college coach or athlete

Do you think these football players would
ever go to another camp?

Of course not. You offer them everything
they will ever need so they will stay with
you as long as they are playing.

It adds a ton of value that other camps
are not offering.

That’s powerful, but here is the really
cool thing…

Sandals also had other options to make your
stay even more enjoyable.

Whatever else you wanted to do that they
didn’t offer as a free service, they would
set it up for you.

Say you wanted to take a tour of the island
and go into the rainforest;

You can go by jeep, horse, boat, helicopter,

You name it; they can get it for you.

If you are looking for more adventure than
what they provide, you can upgrade and go
scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, swim
under a waterfall, hike to a volcano, go
zip lining in the rainforest, etc.

If you want to relax even more than just
laying on the beach, you can upgrade and
get a massage, facial and other body treatments.
Not only that but you can have it done at
their spa, in your own room, or
down by the beach (at sunrise or sunset).

If you don’t want to eat at one of their
9 restaurants, you can name your meal and
have them set up a candle lit dinner down
on the beach overlooking the ocean. If
you want a better bottle of wine then what
they are serving, you can upgrade it.

If you don’t want to unpack your bags
and/or want every meal in your room, they
have a butler service.

Sandals took care of everything for you.
If you wanted to do something outside of
what they offered, they set it up for you
(and I am sure they got a cut from the
other company in doing so).

Now, you do not have to upgrade anything
or pay extra amenities if you do not want
to and still have a great time and an
amazing experience.

But really think of what types of services
that you don’t offer now can you provide
to your campers?

Can you work out deals with nutritionists,
massage therapists, physical therapists,
recruiting services, sport clothing and
equipment companies, other coaches that
have different skill sets then you?

Look for other options that you can offer
people that attend your camps to make their
experience more enjoyable.  Your campers
and clients will clearly benefit from these
extra services.

It’s a win-win situation and they will keep
coming back to you.

Keep this in mind and really look deep into
your camp and the services that you provide.

I hope this helps.

Pat Beith

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