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The 2 Minute Rule

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If you’d like to know which resources are the most
effective for RAPIDLY increasing your coaching knowledge
and developing the speed and power of your athletes, then
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In my last email I talked about the importance of getting your
athletes to buy into the system of speed and skill development
you are teaching them.

I find that many coaches believe their athletes trust in their
coaching when in reality they do not. My evidence stems from
the continuous flow of athletes and parents who come to me
seeking training advice after becoming frustrated with the
inferior level of training their current coach/es are

Since the majority of coaches always think it’s the *other*
guy (or gal) with the mutinous athletes, they are always
shocked (and usually quite defensive) when they find out
their athletes are seeking alternative coaching.

%$firstname$%, better safe than sorry.

So if you missed my last article, you can read it here:

==> http://tinyurl.com/2ryzyz

Now, one of the areas I’m constantly working on in my own
coaching is the fact that I tend to be a bit long winded.

When explaining training concepts to the group or giving
an athlete feedback, sometimes I forget that they are
not quite as excited or interested in the topic as I am.

That is why I encourage all coaches (and especially
parent coaches) to adopt The 2 Minute Rule.

Studies show that when listening to audio or watching video,
the rate of listening/viewing begins to fall off rapidly
once the 2 minute barrier has been crossed.

And we can bring this concept to our coaching as well.

So when instructing athletes on a particular concept or skill,
as well as in giving an athlete feedback, you should be
able to get your point across in 2 Minutes or less.

If it takes longer than that, you are not doing a sufficient
job in explaining it and your athletes are going to stop
paying attention and just stare at you blankly until you
shut up.

(I know this from experience, believe me.)

Let’s say you are going to begin teaching the highly popular
(and critically important) concept of ‘step over, drive
down’ that you learned in the Complete Speed Training program.

The concept and series of related drills that reinforce the
idea can’t be explained and taught in 2 minutes.

So I recommend giving a 2 minute explanation of what ‘step
over, drive down’ means. Then get your athletes moving and
active by having the perform the Wall/Fence Drill.

Go back and give 2 minutes of instruction.

Then keep your athletes active by having them begin the drill
series from Complete Speed Training, starting with the
‘A’ March, but with the hands on the hips.

By giving your athletes easily digestible pieces of
information, followed by a related activity, your athletes
will stay interested in what you have to say and learn the
concepts and skills they need to continue to improve.

When first beginning this process, put yourself on the clock.

Simply use the timer on your wristwatch or hold a standard
stop watch. Once you start talking, start the clock.

Once you approach two minutes, wrap it up and get your
athletes moving.

You’ll be surprised how quickly 2 minutes flies by once you
start blabbering away. If you continuously go over the
2 minutes, take a look around at your athletes. You’ll be
just as surprised at the glazed over look in their eyes
as you realize that the majority of them have drifted off
into a daydream completely ignoring whatever it is that
you are saying.

But if you incorporate and follow the 2 minute rule, followed
by a related active movement, your athletes will get much
more out of each training session.

So put yourself on the clock starting today!

Here are the programs I recommend you use for developing
the athletic ability of your athletes. With the new
information you’ll acquire, you’ll have the perfect opportunity
to begin incorporating the 2 Minute Rule!


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