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The 5 Best Coaching Resources

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Today is the last day to avoid all shipping charges on
the training and coaching resources we recommend. And we’ve
gotten quite a few calls from people asking me what I
recommend. So here are the Top 5 resources I think you
should have.

***** #5 – Underground Secrets to Faster Running

It made the list because I like controversy. And this
book is controversial.

Some people love author Barry Ross’ approach. Some people
act like he kills babies.

He doesn’t.

I think, like everything, you should check out what Barry
has to say, apply it to your athletes and make your own

For me, I don’t agree with everything he says, but I agree
with some of what he says. And I have used his ideas with
great success.

So if you love training info and want to look at a different
‘minimalist’ approach, click here for more:

Underground Secrets to Faster Running

***** #4 – Complete Olympic Lifting

I was in the weightroom yesterday afternoon. Some kids
were attempting to do what at first glance appeared to
be an attempt at performing a dumbbell power clean from
the floor.

Never seen it done that way and after showing them how
to do it right, I’m hoping I never see it again.

I’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt and say that
only nine out of ten athletes are terrible at doing
Olympic Lifts.

Which means that their coaches don’t know how to do it
since they didn’t teach it right.

Olympic Lifts are a valuable part of any strength and
power training program….when it’s done right. Otherwise,
at best it’s a nice waste of time and at worst a
devastating injury waiting to happen.

Make sure kids are doing it right. And that starts with
you teaching them correctly:

Complete Olympic Lifting

***** #3 – Groundbreaking Athletic Movement

Lee Taft’s 2 DVD set on multidirectional speed and agility
for field and court sport athletes is still the best
resource I’ve seen that focuses strictly on this topic.

It doesn’t cover all the biomotor abilities and address
the overall training program, but any coach, parent or
athlete competing in field and court sports should learn
techniques like the ‘plyo step’, ‘hip turn’ and
‘directional step’ as soon as possible.

That’s what I teach and you won’t find better drills for
first step quickness and changing directions if that is
all you’re looking for:

Groundbreaking Athletic Movement

***** # 2 Complete Speed Training

If you’ve been around for a while, you’re pretty surprised
to see CST at #2.


Because it’s the best speed and athletic development
program on the market. It covers everything you need to
know about developing athletes with great detail from
speed to strength to flexibility, coordination and endurance.

And with last month being the one exception, coaches and
parents invest in more copies of Complete Speed Training each
month than every other resource on AthletesAcceleration.com

So it might cost a bit more, but it’s so good it outperforms
just about everything:

Complete Speed Training

***** #1 – Complete Program Design for Sprinters

I spent a long time on this program. And it was worth it.

I give you so much stuff in this resource I can’t even
begin to describe it here.

But it’s a *must have* if you work with high school or
middle school sprinters.

Let me put it like this:

For the first time in over 3 years, Complete Speed Training
was not our #1 seller for the month.

I wasn’t sure it would ever be dethroned, but it was.

And for good reason. Because Complete Program Design for
Sprinters is that good.

And if you act quickly, you can practically steal the

But you can’t waste any time:

Complete Program Design for Sprinters

There you have it my friend. In my opinion, those are the
best programs we offer.

Order by midnight EST tonight and pay no shipping for
any resources created or promoted on Athletes’ Acceleration

Here’s the list of all the products I recommend.
If they made the website, they’re excellent resources,
even if they didn’t make the Top 5.

Sports Training Products

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