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The best football training program I’ve ever seen.

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As you may know, I’ve been involved in the release of NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Duane Carlisle’s new program Total Football Training.

We get so many questions from people asking about a comprehensive speed, strength and conditioning program specifically for football players that I’m glad I can finally suggest something that I feel good about.

I’m not going to write a big long story here. But I do recommend go take a look at the program, read the page and watch the video.

Every football player and team needs to be faster, stronger and in better overall shape. People take football so seriously and spend so much playing, watching and coaching it, I can’t see how anyone involved in the sport *wouldn’t* grab this program while they can get the launch price.

Especially when I *know* there are still some high school programs that claim to be serious, but don’t even lift or train for speed before and during the season…

(I know it sounds hard to believe.)

It’s not a perfect program. There’s no such thing. But I know what kind of information, format and structure people want when they invest in a program. Keeping that in mind, it is, without question, the best football training program I’ve ever seen.


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