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The fatal flaw in your sprinters’ technique (video)

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I’ve noticed a problem with most sprinters’ running form that I consider to be a fatal flaw.

Why? Because it causes such inefficient ‘sprinting’ mechanics, your athletes can’t possibly get better as long as they keep running like this.

And it applies to all athletes. As soon as I finished shooting this video this morning, I went to train a post-collegiate football player who needs help running a faster 40 for his NFL tryouts.

This was a top level 22 year old athlete with the exact same mechanical problems I see in 14 year old girls. So I feel comfortable guessing that your athletes are probably experiencing the same problem.

(I felt bad for my video guy because he had to listen to me say the exact same speech in back to back sessions.)

So here’s what your sprinters are doing wrong *and* what you must teach them to do instead:


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