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The TRUE fundamentals of basketball

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Having quick, explosive, fast and powerful athletes are going to be very important to the success of your basketball team.

As coaches we always want to work on the fundamentals with our athletes. Skills like dribbling, passing, rebounding, boxing out, etc. are the types of fundamentals that every coach stresses to their basketball team. These skills are necessary and need to be emphasized if you want to develop your athletes as players (and if you want your team to win games).

Often overlooked by coaches are the fundamentals of movement. Sure coaches will have their athletes run suicides and some lateral shuffles, but most never express the importance of proper movement mechanics.

Do you want athletes to learn how to

– stay with an opponent?
– change direction quickly?
– cut off the baseline?
– stop a point guard from penetrating?
– be able to beat defenders to the hoop?
Well it’s going to take more then you yelling ‘shut down that point guard’, ‘be a defensive stopper’, ‘get off that pick’, ‘blow by that defender’.

Teaching an athlete the perfect athletic stance, changing direction quickly, and other speed & power techniques, are just as important as teaching the bounce pass and the pick & roll.

Lee Taft has created a program that focuses entirely on becoming a better basketball player through improving basketball speed and quickness. He ties together proper movement skills with how they are used in game situations.
Not only will Lee show you the breakdown of specific speed movements, he also shows how these speed and quickness techniques actually apply to basketball.

If you want to learn how put together the fundamentals of basketball passing, shooting, dribbling, etc. that you already know, with the fundamentals of movement, speed, quickness, and power, to develop the complete athlete, checkout Lee Taft’s Basketball Speed Training program:


Yours in speed,

Patrick Beith

P.S. – “Lee Taft’s BASKETBALL SPEED TRAINING DVD is top-notch and full of great information and tips for athletes, parents and coaches. As an owner of a Youth Athlete Performance Training Center , I’m in the trenches everyday and having products like Lee’s BASKETBALL SPEED helps us stay on the cutting edge with our programming.”

Ron Patulski
Training Champions Institute
East Syracuse, New York


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