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*This* is how you teach speed (video)

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Some people still tell me that you can’t make
someone faster.

That’s crazy talk.

Because if you can get your athletes to start
doing what I show you in this video, they will
decrease the time it takes them to get from
Point A to Point B.

And where I’m from that’s called getting faster:

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“I am not kicking tires as to whether or
not to by complete speed training. I have owned
and and used this and other of your programs
with great success for almost two years now.
The material is great and very productive. I
have been coaching track and field for almost
40 years and am always looking to improve myself
and my athletes. This is the best pure speed
training Program I have seen in my years as a
coach. It reinforces many of the things we were
doing and gave me some very valuable new
information that has helped us greatly. Thanks
for your help and dedication to the sport and
coaching fraternity.”

Yours in speed;
Joe Lykes
Head Girls Track and Field and Cross Country Coach,
Colts Neck H.S.
Colts Neck N.J.

“We are implementing your regimen during
speed sessions every Saturday for 6 weeks teaching
kids everything before Track and field starts.
I have to admit I was skeptical, but it is the
most comprehensive program I have ever seen.”

Mark Maas
Whitewater High School
Whitewater, Wisconsin

“I am a 42 year old youth coach, I have been looking
for ways to teach my young athletes how to run
faster and be quicker on their feet.  I coach
football, basketball and baseball.  I have been
working with my own kids ages 7-11, giving them
some basics to build on.  Love the program!”

Ron Kurahara

“I just wanted to tell you how incredibly pleased
I was (am) with your speed tapes and other
training instuments. I was “old school” last year,
conducting the typical killer workouts (over
distance) with little recovery time, and not
enough speed, core or rest. At the end of last
year, I couldn’t figure out why my guy didn’t run
faster. However, this year, after reviewing your
acceleration tapes, and entirely changing my
“old school” mentality, the same guy made it to
State in both hurldes.

Thanks for a great product.”

Martin Capron

“Hi, my name is Cristiano Paes, I’m a former
Brazilian Decathlete for 14 years, I also start
Bobsledding for the Brazilian Bobsled Team in
2001. In 2002 we qualified for the Salt Lake City
Olympic Games in the 4-man event – “The Frozen
Bananas”. In May of that year I moved to Canada
to train for Bobsled. In 2004 I started to compete
for the Canadian Team.

Today I coach many development and National level
athletes (my best athlete is Lascelles Brown Silver
Medalist in 2006 Italy for Canada in the 2-man
event), since that medal many low level athletes
has come to me to help them to bring their “game”
to the next level.  I have a degree in Physical
Education and 15 years of experience as Athlete
and 7 years coaching, like everyone else, I was
a little skeptical to order your Collection. When
I moved to Canada I didn’t speak
a word in English, and that was one of the reasons
that I order your product, thinking that would
help me with my weak link, and I was surprised/Amazed
by the quality and quantity of excellent
information that you have putted together here.

I already started to implement some of your ideas
to my program, yesterday a National Team coach
came to me and said, “It’s that a Brazilian technique
style”? And I just laughed, thinking with myself,
watch your back buddy- here I come.

Your product made me more confident of myself…


Your partner in training,

Cristiano Paes

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