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Turn this weakness into a strength

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If I put you on the spot, you’d probably agree that, in terms of coaching, strength training and the weight room are areas of relative weakness.

And, while I feel pretty good about the evolution of my strength training progressions, I still put myself in this category.

It’s easy for me to focus on speed work and technical analysis because that’s what I’m good at. And we all like to focus on the things we enjoy doing.

BUT, if you want to develop faster, skilled athletes who don’t get injured, you need to do a better job with your strength/power training and weight room program.

(If you coach high school athletes and you’re not in the weight room at least twice per week all season, your program automatically gets a failing grade.)

The weight room I have to deal with this year is a joke.

But that’s not a pass to neglect strength training. There are a million options you can utilize that don’t require 2000 square feet and 15 power racks.

So what do you do?

One of the most experienced and successful strength coaches on the planet is Mike Boyle. Over the years I’ve jacked a ton of his information and applied it to my programs with obvious results.

So here’s my resource recommendation of the week:


Boyle’s site has a ridiculous number of articles, videos, etc., on every component of strength training.

You can test drive the whole site, for 2 weeks, for only $1.

After that, it’s less than $10 per month. I know the site and it is worth far more than the cost of lunch.

So spend the dollar and check out the site. If, for some reason, you don’t like it, then you’ve wasted…

One dollar.

To me, strength training is just as important to success as speed training. After all, if both of us have a good 55m runner, but mine is stronger than yours, your will lose to mine over and over again. End of story.

Check out Boyle’s site and evolve your strength training knowledge:



P.S. Based on my recent survey, 86% of you recognize that you can’t get something for nothing. Programs run by coaches only looking for a hand out (aka Welfare Programs) will experience the success found by people who are only looking for hand outs…

But this offer is as close to ‘something for nothing’ as you’ll find. I highly recommend you take advantage of it. My season starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’m already training my staff and plotting my progressions.

Coach Boyle’s site is part of the process.


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