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What Would Charles Darwin Say?

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When I first quit my regular job and started Athletes’ Acceleration, everyone said we were morons.

People we thought we could trust made excuses not to promote our camps and clinics.

(People *want* to see you fail, believe me.)

I asked a few coaches I knew about making a training video in their area of expertise and they basically ignored me.

Well fast forward a few years and man have things changed!

Every day we get requests, from all over the world, to run camps, present at clinics or promote someone’s training product.

People have offered to fly in from other countries so I’ll work with their athletes.

And I have a back log of people willing to pay big money for him to fix the holes in their business models.

So how did I go from almost being arrested at my first camp to getting bombarded with requests in just a few years?

I just released a new video going into why most sports/fitness businesses fail.


It all goes back to something Charles Darwin said.

So listen to Darwin. Or there’s a good chance your business won’t be around too long.



P.S. In the video I talk about the single most important part of running a successful business in the 21st Century.

If you’re not focusing on this, you have *no* chance.

It’s that simple.


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