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Why my athletes are (still) better than yours

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I was at a track meet this past weekend when a parent
walked up to me and asked…

“Is it really true that you can’t coach speed? Because
that’s what I always hear – that speed can’t be taught
or coached”.


Isn’t it almost 2009? Do people still really believe this
stuff? After all, last year before I started coaching
the athlete, this parent’s child could barely get on the
soccer field during games.

After I got there she wins a state championship in track and
makes the league All Star team this year in soccer and
plays in that postseason All Star game.

In fact, this athlete emailed me during soccer tryouts
this past summer to tell me how her coach commented on
how much faster she was.

So if speed can’t be taught then where was this athlete’s
speed the month before I got there?

I notice the same problems with athletes from every
sport (especially girls).

And here is the main problem:

You can’t become a better athlete by *just* playing more
of your sport.

You have to actually *train* like an athlete not just
play in another soccer league for the third season in
a row or join your fifth basketball team of the winter.

It makes me sad when parents tell me they want their kids
to get better at their sport/s but they don’t have time
to train because they’re always in season!

OK! I guess you don’t really want your kids to get better
at their sports then!

Because something has to give.

The reason speed (and athletic ability in general) can
be coached and improved (regardless of age, sport or gender)
is because developing athletes (ages 8-18) have insufficient
speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

Why? Because all they do is play their sport year round
or bounce from sport to sport without actually spending
a reasonable amount of time developing all 5 qualities
I mentioned above.

Think about it for a second. If your athletes *only*
focused on improving strength, they’d be better at their
sport. Any sport. Every sport.

If they improved in all 5 of these areas, they would be
so much more efficient as athletes they’d be better at
every skill required for their sport.

They’d run faster, jump higher, change directions quicker,
throw farther, hit harder, etc.

Because I will let you in on a secret. The vast majority
of the competition is not training like athletes. They’re
just playing a lot of their sport and that’s not how
the best programs are run.

Because it doesn’t really make any sense.

If you really want your athletes to get better, don’t sign
them up for another team in another league in the same
sport they just finished.

And don’t spend all your practice time running plays and
working on ball skills.

Develop their speed, strength, flexibility, coordination
and endurance and they’ll simply outperform the
competition in every phase of the game.

It’s just that simple.

Here, my friend, is the step by step program that shows
you how to safely and effectively build faster, stronger,
healthier and flat out better athletes:

Complete Speed Training

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