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Youth Fitness Revolution

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With billions being spent in fitness and youth
training, it is the fastest growing industry in
the entire world and it is set to go through an
unprecedented revolution…

I try and stay in the forefront of what is going
on in the strength and conditioning community, but
it is not always easy. I am lucky enough to know
some great coaches and trainers that keep me updated
with the latest information, trends and even predictions
of the future of our industry.

I know you like to stay up-to-date with the latest
fitness info too so I wanted to share with you the
‘gossip’ and give you a little behind the scenes look
from a major conference.
Last March, the leaders from virtually all of the
leading health club chains in the world met at an
exclusive event in Denver, Colorado.

It was called the “Meeting of the Minds”, and over the
two days of the event a dozen of the world’s leading
fitness experts presented on the trends the fitness
industry is currently experiencing.

The 170+ attendees spent 48 hours brainstorming and
plotting to make sure their respective organizations
are ready to capitalize on the current and upcoming
trends our industry is experiencing and will soon face.

My friend, Brian Grasso, founder of the International
Youth Conditioning Association, was one of the handful
of presenters during this industry shaping event.

I was talking to him about the event and Brian gave
me the low-down of this exclusive event. I told him
that I was taking notes on what he was saying so I
could pass it on to you.

Well, Brian let me know that he created a video while
he was in Denver specifically for the fitness
professionals on his list to let them know what he
learned while meeting with leaders of the biggest club
chains in the world and where the industry is headed.

In fact, I just saw the short video that Brian is
calling ‘The State of the Industry’ and I have to
admit that what I saw on this video was actually
quite shocking.

I kindly persuaded him to let you have access to
the video (mainly because it is much easier for
me to have you check out a video instead of me
trying to decipher my notes).
Here is the link to go watch the video:

Ohhhh, there’s one more thing: you don’t need
to enter your email address to see the video
either. But if you want to get on Brian’s list
to keep up-to-date with the future of youth
training and conditioning, you’ll want to enter
your email address anyway… the follow up
information that Brian will be providing is going
to keep you in the loop and give you incite from a
leader in youth development.

I’m going to sign off now so you can check out the
video. I’m sure you’ll find the video as important
and valuable as I did when you watch it.

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