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Training the High School Athlete


Find out how Coach Carlo Alverez created an all-encompassing strength & conditioning program at the high school level.

  • Discover which types of training works for the Pro level, college level and the high school level
  • What Coach Alverez has found from developing a year-round systematic program
  • How to develop a multi-level criteria to allow the body better adaptation to training



Building Better Athletes


Find out how Coach Dos (Robert Dos Remedios) shares with you his process of designing a winning program

  • Discover the tweak made that immediately changes the way you think about designing your training programs
  • Key skills and concepts on creating your system (and also your culture) – always thinking of the bigger picture



‘Must-DO’ Considerations for Optimal Performance

This is a must watch video. Sue Falsone (Head of Physical Therapy at Athletes Performance and Head Athletic Training of the LA Dodgers), covers what is needed for your athletes optimal performance

  • Learn the issues that you need to deal with before it’s too late
  • Find out the most important strategies to maximize your impact on your athletes



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