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Top 8 Best Sellers - April 2009

Program Design for the Endurance Events
Discover a Proven Coaching and Training Resource Developed Specifically for Endurance Runners

The qualities and demands required for the distance events are as varied as the distances between races. If you don’t get it right, at best they’ll peak to early. At worst, you’ll run them right into a season ending overuse injury. To get the best results, you need to follow the system of a proven coach with years of success and experience coaching and training distance runners…click here for more from former Vice Chair of USATF’s Coaching Education Committee.

Complete Speed Training
Discover the First and Only A to Z Blueprint for Developing Faster Top Speeds in Every Athlete…

Our #1 best selling resource covers, in detail, the whole spectrum of speed development: acceleration and top speed development, speed drills, strength training, flexibility, coordination, conditioning, agility and power, all on 5 DVDs….click here for more on the ultimate guide to speed and athletic development

Complete Program Design for Sprinters
Breakthrough Program Design Resource Guarantees New Personal Bests for Every 55m – 400m Sprinter…Regardless of Age, Gender or Skill Level...

This program will teach you how to write highly effective workouts for your sprinters, no matter how much coaching experience you have... click here to discover the exact program design strategies and techniques you use so I can get my sprinters faster and more explosive.

Program Design for Sprinters/Hurdlers
Here’s How to Dramatically Improve Speed and Strength in All Your Sprinters and Hurdlers

Establish new personal bests for every athlete with this comprehensive guide from a USATF Master Coach detailing all the guidelines you need to know to develop an effective training program for your 55-400 meter sprinters and hurdlers…click here to take your sprints program to the next level.

Mastering the Combine Tests
How to Master and Beat the High School, College and NFL Football Combine Tests – Every Time…

This program gives athletes the specific skills, techniques and knowledge required to excel at each of the combine tests: 40 yard dash, Bench press, Pro Agility, Vertical Leap, 3 Cone Drill and Standing Broad Jump…. Click here now for the program that, in 3 years, has created over 40 pro football draftees and the all-time Combine record holders in the 20-yard shuttle, 3-Cone drill and 60 yard shuttle

Speed Training for Youth
Here is a Simple, Step by Step Training System Proven to Develop Speed in Youth Athletes of Every Sport, Age and Skill Level…

Speed expert Duane Carlisle demonstrates his techniques using his own young son to showcase its effectiveness – talk about putting your money where your mouth is!... Click here for more on this valuable introductory level youth speed development resource

Basketball Speed
Discover the Little Known and Rarely Applied ‘Fundamentals’ to Success on the Basketball Court…

Speed, agility and quickness. Show your athletes the movement skills to dominate on both ends of the court and keep up with the fast break style of today’s game…. click here to blanket a driving ball handler, defend a fast break and understand why the ‘pivot’ is a defensive liability

Speed Training Secrets Revealed
Speed Training Secrets Proven to Squeeze Every Ounce of Potential Out of Your Athletes…Regardless of Sport, Age or Gender…

If you make a few simple changes to your approach to speed training then your athletes will experience new levels of success they never thought were possible...Click here to order Speed Training Secrets Revealed and start making those changes immediately - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

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