Developing the Total Athlete Video Series 

Here is an exclusive video series that covers the core elements of sports performance training. If you work with athletes, and if you are a coach that is always looking to learn more to master your craft, then you will want to grab these videos by entering your email address. We wanted to share these amazing training videos with you from elite coaches to show you the new type of inforomation you will be getting from Athletes Acceleration. The Developing the Total Athlete Video Series covers:

  • Warm-Up & Mobility
  • Speed & Agility Development
  • Program Design
  • Power Training - Plyos and Jump Training
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Strength Training and Olympic Lifting
  • What's Working Now in S&C
  • And much more...

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Developing the Total Athlete Video Series - Coaches

Our goal at Athletes Acceleration is to provide the best strength & conditioning information from the World's top coaches and share it with coaches and athletes, who are on a mission to get better.  

No one appreciates the importance of continuing education more than we do and we have access to some exclusive content (seriously hours and hours of extremely valuable info) from coaches that are viewed as the best of the best in what they do. And not just 'internet famous' coaches, but real coaches that get real results. We want to pass this proven strength & conditioning information along to you. We believe that together, with the right information we can elevate the level of performance in our industry and help our athletes reach their full potential.  

And as you'll see in the video series, these coaches get results...

In the Developing the Total Athlete Video Series You Will Learn From Coaches:

  • Lee Taft
  • Robert dos Remedios
  • Mike Boyle 
  • Wil Fleming
  • Dr. Chris Mohr
  • Bobby Smith
  • Adam Feit
  • Plus other elite coaches...

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