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Complete Track & Field

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I want to let you know that we’ve just relaunched one of ourmost popular websites, Complete Track and Field.

Check it out:

We’ve opened up our entire database of content so now youhave complete access to all the track and field training articles,programs and interviews that used to be exlusive to payingmembers.
In addition I invite you to register for our discussion board soyou can ask, answer and get advice for any aspect oftraining and coaching track and field athletes at every level.

Our discussion board is moderated my experienced coachesand athletes so you can be sure that your questions will betreated with respect and courtesy. Rude behavior simply won’t be tolerated.

Our content is updated on a regular basis, whether its in theform of articles, interviews with elite coaches and athletes, activity on the discussion boards or news updates on theWorld of professional Track and Field.

So no matter where your interest in track and field lies, has the information you’re looking for.

Even if you’re not a track and field coach, there’s plentyto learn about how the world’s greatest athletes train.

And it’s all absolutely free!

We have so much content that we’re still in the processof adding new content so keep checking the site for new training information.

But for now, there’s a ton of exclusive content to read.So head over to the site, read some articles and sign up for the discussion board (and ask some questions so we canget things rolling!)

Check out the site now:

I’ll see you on the discussion board!

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