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Total Speed Conditioning
By Patrick Beith

With so many articles on Speed Training, you would assume that there is plenty of great information available. The problem is that the topic of speed is not being totally covered.

Conditioning for Sprinters

Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning is an important aspect of overall training for all track athletes, especially the conditioning of sprinters. The aerobic system must be able to supply an adequate amount of oxygen to the muscles.

Core Stability Circuit
By Ian Graham

Whether your event focuses on running, jumping or throwing there’s no question the core will be involved in that activity, and developing a stronger core will help you in your quest to run faster, jump higher, and throw longer. Coach Graham’s core stability circui can be used before speed and power workouts or used as part of your regular core training program.

Kettlebells for Strength Endurance
By Jason C. Brown

Most sporting events revolve around your ability to create explosive movements over an extended period of time. This athletic quality is known as power-endurance. Training for power-endurance can be absolutely grueling.

Body Weight Circuits

Bodyweight circuits are an excellent training method to use with your entire team. This type of training provides a number of positive benefits.

Conditioning for Speed and Power Athletes
By Patrick Beith

The objective of any conditioning program is to improve athletic performance by increasing the efficiency of each energy system. A properly structured training program assigns the right amount of time to both aerobic and anaerobic work in order to meet the demands of the sport.

Ten Commandments of Conditioning

By Jonathan Conneely

No matter what sport you compete in, you will probably agree that conditioning plays a huge factor in how an athlete performs. If an athlete is not conditioned properly, they will never achieve peak performance in their sport! So, Coach Conneely has created his Ten Commandments of Conditioning.

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