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We have put together a brand-new Master Class Series. Master Coaches giving in-depth Master Level information.

Athletes Acceleration has taken the best coaches in a specific topic and have asked them to go all-in to provide their secrets, their systems, their protocols, their reasons they became successful, and their actual systems that they use with their own athletes.

No theory...just practical in-the-field information...for coaches by coaches.

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Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Professional of the Year

Coach Dos is also a Nike Elite Performance Coach and Consultant and currently consults with gyms and college and professional teams all across the country.

Coach Robert dos Remedios has been involved in strength and conditioning for over 30 years. After completing his competitive football career at the University of California, Berkeley in 1988, he began training athletes on a full-time basis.  

“Coach Dos” has a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Northridge, has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the NSCA since 1990, and is one of only 100 “Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches” (MSCC) in the world as recognized by CSCCa.  

Coach Dos is a sought after international speaker on a variety of conditioning topics such as Program Design, Cardio-Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting applications, Sport-speed development, Explosive training, and CHAOS™ Speed Training.  

Coach Dos served as Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, a position he had held from 1998-2015 where he created a program that is emulated all over the world.  

Coach Dos is also the 2006 recipient of the National Strength and Conditioning Association‘s prestigious Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Professional of the year for 2006. This award is given to the top collegiate strength coach in the country (as voted on by his peers).  

In addition to contributing to Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazine on a regular basis, Coach Dos’ first book Men’s Health Power Training (Rodale Books) was released in July 2007 and become a world-wide best seller. His second book, Cardio Strength Training (Rodale Books) is also a best-seller. He is also the creator of the National Sports Performance Association's Certified Program Design Specialist (CPDS) Certification course and Complete Program Design for Athletes Acceleration.

At Home Sports Performance Training

Coach Dos will address some of the issue of Performance Training during the current COVID 19 stay at home orders. In our current state and new era, virtual training workouts are not going away. As coaches, we need to ensure that our athletes are getting the best workouts possible, regardless of their situations or limitations training at home.

From overcoming limitations in equipment to optimizing the things we can control – Coach Dos will give insight into creating training programs that will enhance an athlete’s ability to re-enter his or her training environment immediately upon opening up to training once again.

Here is what Coach Dos will be covering during his Master Class: 

I.  Main Issues with At Home Training Sessions

1.  Lack of equipment
2.  Lack of coaching/guidance
3.  Lack of motivation/competition
4. Relying on work ethic and DISCIPLINE

II.  What should I “Try” to accomplish?

1.  Strength and Muscular Hypertrophy
2.  Power
3.  Power Endurance
4.  Sport-speed
5.  Preventing unwanted weight Gain
6.  Energy System Training / Work Capacity

III. Creating Daily Habits for Success

1.  Training
2.  Academics
3.  Rest / recovery
4.  Maintaining a disciplined “schedule”

IV. Planning your Training

1.  Equipment needs
2.  Body weight options and limitations
3.  Conditioning *The Great Equalizer* - energy system training, power endurance, work capacity

V. Equipment

1.  Body weight
2. “Home gym’ Style options
a.   Suspension Training
b.   Super bands
c.    Sandbags
d.   DB/KB
e.   Other (jump rope, sliders, battle ropes, sledgehammers etc.)
3.  Full Gym options
a.   Most of the above
b.   Barbells, DB’s, plenty of weight
c.    Squat Racks
d.   Platforms

VI. Strength Training

1.  Body weight
2.  DB/KB exercises
3.  Sandbag exercises
4.  Superband additions
5.  Sound programming (Bilateral, unilateral, planes of movement)

VII. Power / Explosive Training

1.  Body weight Plyometrics
2.  Super band resistance options Jumps/Landings
3.  Medicine Ball Explosives
4.  Triple/Quadruple Extension options

VIII. Sport Speed Training

1.  Change of direction
3.  Utilizing CHAOS drills to conditioning and build work capacity

IX. Energy System Training

1. Understanding the importance of conditioning
2.  Lactic acid training
3.  Anaerobic intervals
4.  Work:Rest manipulation
5.  “Aerobic Base” misunderstanding
6.  Sprint, Hills, Stair, Sand Training
7.  Bike, Skier, Rower Training

How is the Master Class set-up?

The At Home High Performance Training Master Class with Coach Robert Dos Remedios is an online presentation.

The Master Class is a recorded course from a live virtual session. Coach Dos went deep and showed you exactly how he sets up his own training for his athletes that are training from home during this COVID-19 era . Plus Coach Dos opened it up for questions, so coaches were able to ask any questions they had on training and coaching their own athletes.

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