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Dear Coach,

Because youth sports have become so competitive in recent years (regardless of age, sport or gender), sports camps, speed clinics and group training programs have become the ticket to staying ahead of the competition.

Kids can’t afford to watch their peers receive specialized coaching and expect to make the team, play varsity or get the scholarship if they sit back and do nothing.

Parents might not be spending money on themselves, but they will make sure their child doesn’t have to watch his friends compete while he sits on the sidelines…or watches from the stands.

What you might not realize is that those little “speed clinics”, “sports camps” and other types of fun ‘summer activities for kids’ are actually money machines for coaches just like you.

$400,000 A Year From Running Camps?

For example…

A pitching coach makes over $400,000 each year just running 3 day pitching camps about a dozen times a year.

Now, I’m not going to tell you you’ll be able to make six figures in your first year from your camps. He’s been growing his program for a few years.

But it’s possible.

When you start following the same proven system used by expert coaches making real money doing what they love, you’ll quickly wonder why you waited so long to get in the game.

Because you’re already a good coach, I know you have what it takes to run exciting camps and clinics.

Like any successful person, you just have to believe in your ability and take action.

Earn More By Simply Doing What You Do Best…Coaching

Athletes want to get faster.

They want to get more playing time in their sport and get in better shape.

They don’t want to sit on the bench, they want to make varsity, and they want to be the star of the team.

Parents are willing to invest in their kids no matter what the economy is.

Whether parents think their son/daughter can get a scholarship, they want to live vicariously through their kids or just want the best for them, parents are looking for programs to take their kids to the next level.

Once you know how to get in front of them and sell them on your services…

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

You don’t have to try and set the world on fire with your programs.

Maybe you’re just looking to run a few camps and clinics during the summer to supplement your income.

Whether you run one camp a year or dozens, make a choice to turn this year into your best year ever.

Coaches everywhere are updating the way they do business. And it’s leading to big profits in short periods of time.

The Sports Camp Empire Program:
Your Game Plan to Making Money Running Sports Camps

When you go through Sports Camp Empire, you’ll have a complete understanding of not only what a proven, profitable Sports Camp or Clinic looks like, but you’ll become an expert on how to develop and run one yourself.

What You’re About To Discover: 

In short, you’re going to learn how to run camps and clinics that make the participating athletes better…while serving as significant money makers for you.

You need to know how to market and how to operate your camps and clinics so that they achieve both of those goals…and in Sports Camp Empire we’re giving you the complete blueprint to do that and more.

This Course is Set Up to Teach You the Coach, How to Run Camps And Clinics Successfully and Profitably

Many coaches run camps without a real plan to make them successful.

They put together a camp that they think will help the kids who attend improve, toss out a few flyers and leave it at that.

What we are going to do is prepare you to plan, market and operate a camp so that you’ll provide a great experience for the attendees and you’ll also significantly boost your income.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the ideal clinic or camp format. No sports camp, speed clinic or specialized coaching program can succeed without the right format.
  • How to secure any type of facility if you don’t have one.
  • The pros and cons behind how long (days, hours/day, which days) your camp should run.
  • A plan for determining pricing of both camps and clinics (and the difference between the two).
  • Which types of clinics attract the largest numbers.
  • Insider secrets to minimizing start-up costs
  • The truth about whether you should run ‘One Time’ versus Ongoing clinics and specialized coaching programs.
  • How to address staffing needs for every camp and clinic.
  • How to add value and set your programs apart from the competition.
  • The best ways to get in front of athletic directors, coaches, parents, booster clubs and youth sports organizations to promote your camps and clinics.
  • Exactly how far in advance you should begin marketing your camps and clinics.
  • Specific marketing and advertising strategies proven to generate repeat business and maximize referrals – from free publicity to paid advertising.
  • Insider secrets on establishing your name and reputation online. The more your name, information and experience is ‘out there’ to boost your credibility, the easier it is to generate new campers.
  • How to transition campers into long-term clients if you have a training facility.

And Much, Much More!

In short, you’ll not only know how to run a camp that delivers results…you’ll know how to run a camp that is highly lucrative too.

Who Is Sports Camp Empire For?

If you’re a…

  • High School Sport Coach
  • High School Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Middle School Sport Coach
  • College Sport Coach
  • College Strength Coach
  • Club & Select Team Coach
  • Private Instructor
  • Sports Performance Business Owner


…Sports Camp Empire will give you the blueprint you need to run successful, profitable camps and clinics.

You’ll have a complete understanding of not only what a proven, successful, profitable camp looks like, but you’ll also have the tools and systems to effectively launch your own.

When you enroll in Sports Camp Empire today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Sports Camp Empire Course
  • 18 Core Modules and Video Lessons (digital)
  • A Complete Library of 10+ Camp Tools


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