The Speed Experts

17 Of The World's Leading SPEED Development EXPERTS Share Their Training Methods For You To Get Maximum Results

Highlights from last years Complete Speed & Power Summits

For the past 5 years, Athletes Acceleration has been putting on the only events that focus solely on speed and power training for sports, the Complete Speed & Power Summit. 

Going into our 6th year, we have already put on eleven Complete Speed & Power Summits with the top speed coaches in the World. And unless you were there, you were not able to access what these coaches have shared. 

For the next few days, we are making these 17 elite coaches 'speed specific' presentations available. You will not be able to get these anywhere else.

You will get their in-depth lectures and their hands-on (where they show you their drills and exercises they use) presentations.

Why are these Speed Expert presentations only available now?

Good question. And to be honest, we don't normally give anyone who hasn't gone to the live Complete Speed & Power Summit events access to this information mainly because we want coaches to go to the live event. As a bonus for those coaches who do go to the live CSPS event, we record the events and give them access to the digital recordings. It's an added bonus to those coaches who take the time to attend our events.

For a short time, we decided to release these exclusive videos that you could only previously get at the live events. And our reason - we want to help you and your athletes. 

It's our chance to give you real information from Real 'Proven' Experts. Coaches who actually coach. Coaches who actually get results. Coaches who have been there, done that, and are still doing it.  

It's easy now-a-days to be an internet guru. I'm sure you have seen the ads of these programs from coaches who haven't really coached anyone. We can only take so much of it. It's time to get the top coaches information out to more coaches. 

So, for the next few of days, we are opening the vaults to these specific speed development presentations from the Speed Experts themselves. This special offer ends soons, so if you want to learn from these talented coaches, don't wait. 

Who Are The Speed Experts?


Head Sprint Coach, ALTIS


Fastest Woman Alive, Sprints Coach at Missouri State University


Sports Performance Specialist, EXOS


World Renowned Strength Coach


Owner at RYPT, Master Sport Performance Coach


NCAA & Olympic Level Track Coach


Oregon Strength & Conditioning Coach 


World Class Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach and a go-to for the NFL Combine


Former Head Strength Coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Speed Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Rays.


Owner at International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA)


Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the UFC


Hall of Fame High School Track & Field Coach and the top coaches on acceleration development

Arianna Luther

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach University of Miami


Elite Strength Coach, works with top WWE and NFL athletes


Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at University of Washington

Zach Dechant

Assistant Athletic Director, Strength & Conditioning Coach TCU

Are you ready to start learning from the top speed experts on the planet?

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Here's what you will learn...

Dan Pfaff The Art of Coaching Speed

Carmelita Jeter So You Want to Learn About Speed!

Nicole Rodriguez Why Simple Always Wins

Joe Defranco The Slow Approach to Training Speed

Mike Boyle New Thoughts on Speed Training

New Thoughts On Speed Training

Bo Sandoval Speed & Power Considerations For The UFC Athlete

Pete Bommarito
Acceleration, Absolute Speed, and Overspeed

Ron McKeefery Outside The Box Speed Development

Duane Carlisle How To Run A Lightning Fast 40 yard Dash

Jim Kielbaso What We Really Know About Speed & Power

Bobby Smith Speed & Agility Training for Today's Teams

Tony Holler Feed the Cats: Making Speed the One and Only Priority

Boo Schexnayder Critical Factors in Speed Development

Zach Dechant
Fresh Fast Frequent Fun - Speed Development

Arianna Luther
General Approach for Speed & Power Development

Jimmy Radcliffe As a special bonus, we are including this exclusive presentation with Legendary Coach Jimmy Radcliffe discussing, covering and showing how he trains acceleration.

You are going to get over 23 hours of pure speed development videos. Coming from the top speed coaches in our industry, the best of the best. You will not get this content from anywhere else. It's speed training mastery, so you need to make sure you have your notepad ready.  

These coaches always produce 'A-ha' moments. These moments turn into practical pieces that you can immediately implement into your training program. It's all about improving and constantly learning to stay a step ahead of your competition. To really help your athletes achieve their full potential. The coaches in this program will help you get there.

The in-depth lectures and hands-on instruction videos from this Speed Experts Bundle were specifically chosen from the Complete Speed & Power Summits...the best coaches sharing their best speed training strategies. For the next few of days, we are opening the vaults to these specific speed development presentations from the Speed Experts themselves.

**As another special bonus, you will get a surprise presentation from the top speed expert in our industry!

Learn From The Top Speed Experts In Our Industry

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The Exclusive Speed Expert Bundle

Get 25+ hours of digital video - specific speed development methods, tips, exercises, drills and strategies.
These 17 top speed experts share with you their proven ways to get your athletes faster. Discover their techniques today.

This special offer ends shortly, we are going to put these videos back into the vault. Not only does this special sale end, but you will not be able to purchase these videos after that date. If you want to see what these elite coaches have to offer and share, now is your time to check them out!