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Complete Speed

Complete Speed Training
Discover the First and Only A to Z Blueprint for Developing Faster Top Speeds in Every Athlete…

Our #1 best selling resource covers, in detail, the whole spectrum of speed development: acceleration and top speed development, speed drills, strength training, flexibility, coordination, conditioning, agility and power, all on 5 DVDs….click here for more on the ultimate guide to speed and athletic development

Sports Camp Empire
Make More Money This Summer Than You'll Make at Your Regular Coaching Job Over the Next 10 Years Combined...

Experience a crazy cash surge this summer by following the Sports Camp Empire System and using it to run your sports camps, speed clinics, boot camps and other group training programs. Click here to learn about the system that I am so confident will succeed for you, that if you don't make more than what you paid for the program, I will personally pay you $500 just for trying...

Track and Field

Complete Program Design for Sprinters
Breakthrough Program Design Resource Guarantees New Personal Bests for Every 55m – 400m Sprinter…Regardless of Age, Gender or Skill Level...

This program will teach you how to write highly effective workouts for your sprinters, no matter how much coaching experience you have... click here to discover the exact program design strategies and techniques we use so you can get your sprinters faster and more explosive

Program Design for Sprinters/Hurdlers
Here’s How to Dramatically Improve Speed and Strength in All Your Sprinters and Hurdlers

Establish new personal bests for every athlete with this comprehensive guide from a USATF Master Coach detailing all the guidelines you need to know to develop an effective training program for your 55-400 meter sprinters and hurdlers…click here to take your sprints program to the next level.


Program Design for the Jumps
Discover a Breakthrough Strength and Conditioning Resource for Every Jumping Event

Boo Schexnayder finally reveals the little known secrets of creating an effective strength and conditioning program for the LJ, TJ, HJ and PV with this definitive text on preparing all athletes for the physical demands of training and competing in the jumping events…click here to learn jumps training from a USATF Master Coach!


Program Design for the Combined Events
Discover the Secrets to Scoring More Points in the Combined Events

Simplify the most difficult coaching job in all of track and field with the complete guide to program design for athletes competing in the Decathlon, Heptathlon and Pentathlon (as well as High School athletes competing in multiple events each meet)…click here for more from an Olympic Level combined events Guru.


Program Design for the Endurance Events
Discover a Proven Coaching and Training Resource Developed Specifically for Endurance Runners

The qualities and demands required for the distance events are as varied as the distances between races. If you don’t get it right, at best they’ll peak to early. At worst, you’ll run them right into a season ending overuse injury. To get the best results, you need to follow the system of a proven coach with years of success and experience coaching and training distance runners…click here for more from former Vice Chair of USATF’s Coaching Education Committee.


North South Football Speed
Here’s How to Turn Your American Football Players into the Fastest, Most Dominant Athletes on the Gridiron…

Discover the football specific conditioning workouts, speed drills and 40 yard dash training techniques guaranteed to give your athletes the edge… access the North-South football speed techniques guaranteed to improve speed.


Quick Feet for Football
Discover the multi-directional speed and quickness skills proven to drastically improve any football player...

Master the simple process of teaching your athletes to be quicker and faster on the field by focusing on his first step and change of direction as well as quickness, acceleration, separation and closing speed.…click here to improve your athletes’ speed by giving them that extra something to leave the competition in the dust.


Mastering the Football Combine Tests
How to Master and Beat the High School, College and NFL Football Combine Tests – Every Time…

This program gives athletes the specific skills, techniques and knowledge required to excel at each of the combine tests: 40 yard dash, Bench press, Pro Agility, Vertical Leap, 3 Cone Drill and Standing Broad Jump…. Click here now for the program that, in 3 years, has created over 40 pro football draftees and the all-time Combine record holders in the 20-yard shuttle, 3-Cone drill and 60 yard shuttle.


How to Become a Better Athlete:
Training for Youth Football

“I wish I would have started training for speed and athleticism when I was playing youth football as opposed to starting with Coach Carlisle right after I graduated from college. I believe that I would have been that much better of a player.” Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles, Pro Bowl Running Back….click here to start your athletes training with San Francisco 49ers Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Duane Carlisle


Football Fast
Who Else Wants to Know the Speed Training Techniques Used by an NFL
All Pro Wide Receiver?...

Join nationally recognized sports performance coach Jeremy Boone and two time NFL Pro Bowl player Muhsin Muhammad as they give you an inside look into some of the training methods and specific exercises they use to help improve on-the-field performance…click here to develop the exact same football skill sets as NFL All Pro Muhsin Muhammad


Basketball Speed
Discover the Little Known and Rarely Applied ‘Fundamentals’ to Success on the Basketball Court…

Speed, agility and quickness. Show your athletes the movement skills to dominate on both ends of the court and keep up with the fast break style of today’s game…. click here to blanket a driving ball handler, defend a fast break and understand why the ‘pivot’ is a defensive liability.


The Complete Base Stealing System
Discover the Base Stealing Secrets Guaranteed to Score More Runs and Win More Games…

Get more players safely on base and into scoring position with these proven base stealing techniques. From the ‘stealer’s stance’ to developing an explosive jump and distracting the pitcher, your players will be a threat no matter where they are on the base path…Click here if you want to steal more bases and turn close games into blow outs.


Quick Feet for Soccer
How to Guide Your Soccer Players to Optimal Performance Using Lee Taft’s Proven Preparation and Speed Routines…

Set your team up for more productive practices and competitions by combining a fully dynamic warm up routine and speed development progression with soccer specific ball skills…click here to add safe, straight forward training techniques to your soccer program.



Team Based Lacrosse Training
Finally! A Cutting Edge, Team Based Approach to Speed Training Designed Specifically for Your Lacrosse Players…

Now you can slingshot your lacrosse program past the ever growing wave of competition in America’s fastest growing sport…. Click here to order the speed training program designed by a Major League Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning Expert

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Conditioning System
Discover the Martial Arts Conditioning System Guaranteed to Increase Your Fighters' Speed, Stamina and Power...

How would you like to improve your combat athletes chances by giving them access To The World's Best Strength And Conditioning Coaches? Coach Alwyn Cosgrove will show you how to knock out the competition. Click here to help your combat athletes knock out the competition...

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