Fundamental Drills and Mechanics for Successful Sprinting (DVD) 

- Discover fundamental tools to improve sprinters performance

- Learn how to evaluate sprinters strengths and weaknesses so you can target improvements and measure workouts.

- Get a drill progression for developing a powerful acceleration phase

- Learn bounding and plyometric drills for improving power and max velocity

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Adrian Wheatley, architect of the University of Illinois' powerful sprint program, explains the components behind a successful sprinter. At the 2014 Big Ten Outdoor Track Meet, Illinois had two finalists in every sprint and hurdle event with Coach Wheatley's athletes scoring 74 of the team's 109 points. Their effort helped the squad to a second-place finish, the team's highest finish in 20 years.

Coach Wheatley shares 50 plus drills he uses develop championship sprinters. He explains the work behind the progression of the drills used, how the drills work, and the goals of each drill. Coach Wheatley uses these drills to teach coaches:

- New sprint techniques to develop sprinters
- How to test and evaluate your athletes
- Sound fundamentals and mechanics behind a successful sprinter
How to plan a training session and a training season
How to break down acceleration, max velocity, and finish components behind the sprint

Highlights from Coach Wheatley's presentation include:

Warm-Up Program - Coach Wheatley and All-American Hurdler/Sprinter Vanier Joseph demonstrate a series of warm-up exercises to prepare athletes for the day's workout.

Max Velocity Drills - Specific coaching points to teach athletes proper position and body mechanics for effective sprinting. Coach Wheatley also shows you how to correct common errors in sprinting form.

Athletic Evaluation - Numerous tests to evaluate your athlete's improvement and add interest to practice. You'll also see drills that will improve athletes' strength and power.

Block Set-Up Introduction - Learn how to "spot" proper block set-up, which allows an athlete to be powerful out of the blocks

Proper Cool-Down or Your Athlete - along with supplementary information on proper nutrition and rest to keep your athletes healthy and progressing.

The Fundamental Drills and Mechanics for Successful Sprinting DVD is 62 minutes long created in 2015 

Coach Adrian Wheatley

University of Illinois Men's Assistant Track and Field Coach (sprints/hurdles); 
2013 USTFCCA Indoor Men's Assistant of the Year for the Midwest Region; 2x All-American runner at the University of Tennessee

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