“Athletes Acceleration, you guys are incredible! The improvements that our athletes have made since you began working with them have truly been impressive. The results were immediate, but the continued progress of the athletes involved in your programs over time has really changed the way we look at speed development and athletic development as a whole. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in developing faster athletes take a serious listen to everything you have to say. They will not be disappointed in the results.”

Kevin Murphy
4-Time Massachusetts State Coach of the Year
2006 Coaches Hall of Fame Inductee

“Speed kills. Period. If you want your athletes getting their asses kicked then I highly recommend you stand, pat, and do nothing. But if you’re serious about winning then get your hands on a copy of Complete Speed Training© today. Maybe not all of your competition is researching ways to get faster, but you know full-well at least one team is. And if they get their hands on this information first…well, your kids are going to be in
for a LONG day when they face them. It’s simple: make the investment, get faster, win more.”

Jim Labadie, President
Achieve Total Fitness
Tampa, FL

“I have always thought of Athletes’ Acceleration’s Performance Staff as teachers instead of as coaches. While working with the staff, there was always an emphasis on understanding the workouts and learning how to become a more efficient runner. I have been able to apply the knowledge I learned from Athletes’ Acceleration to other sports I play as well as track at the collegiate level.”

Kevin Daniels
Hockomock League Champion -100m

“I was fast, but they taught me how to run. Now I know what angle my legs should be, where and how to plant my step. The Athletes’ Acceleration Performnace Staff have it down to a science. I knew that the professional runners run differently, I didn’t know that I could learn it, but that was the kind of coaching that I’m getting.”

John Lancaster
Massachusetts State Champion – 55m
High School Heisman Regional Finalist – Football

“Athletes’ Acceleration’s guidance gave me an edge over my competitors both physically and mentally. In addition to implementing the latest methods in sports training, Athletes’ Acceleration’s Performance Staff motivated me daily and has made me a true student of the sport. After being involved with his program, most of Athletes’ Acceleration’s athletes show a passion for the sport that is unparalleled in other track programs.”

Dan Saltzman
Massachusetts State (400m) and New England Champion (300m)
High School Heisman Regional Finalist – Football

“Well done! I’ve been meaning to write and compliment you ever since you began your series on designing a training plan. The series on planning is, like everything else you do, great stuff. Keep it coming. I look forward to reading more. It’s just so refreshing to read such common sense material written with an emphasis on common terminology. Everything in the newsletter and in the blog is practical and readily understandable for the busy professional who also coaches. And since the Americans seem to be sweeping the Nobel Prizes, what the heck, you’ve just won the Nobel for heads on straight, downright useful sources of information.”

Howard Brandt
Track and Field Coach – Canada

“I am a doctor of physical therapy and a performance enhancement specialist and I truly look forward to reading your blogs each week. It is great to see that there are others out there that perform evidence based programs and have the biology and science to back it up. I see so many coaches and other so called performance trainers that do cookie cutter type speed, agility, quickness type exercises that are not specific to their position or even their sport. Most of the trainers around here just set their athletes up for failure and worst of all injury. I see numerous kids who come into my clinic with overuse injuries or some trainer that has only trained quads and glutes with no respect for the hamstrings, hip strength/stability or even flexibility. Its’ amazing the stories you hear.”

Once again, I commend what you are doing w/ your blogs and the science that you use to back it up. It’s great to see that there are others out there that use biology to provide the results that they are looking for. ”

Kevin Kostka, PT, DPT, PES

“Your Speed Training Newsletter has helped me with training many athletes (kids, adults, collegiates) to become so, so much better athletes. I’ve read many a articles, books, listened to many so called experts in the performance industry, but with your Complete Speed Training Program and your articles, I really haven’t heard much that’s more complete that yours.”

Thomas Everett – College Football Hall of Fame
2 Time Super Bowl Champion
Dallas, TX

“As a father and coach of four athletes in multiple sports ranging in age from 10 to 18 and winning scholarships for their hard work and determination. None of this would be possible without the tremendous wealth of information and knowledge you have provided. You have kept my family healthy and happy.”

Mike Howell
Trooper, PA

“Your newsletters are top priority for me out of the hundreds of e-mails I receive weekly. I had no idea I could learn so much about speed development at age 49. Your stuff works. It’s proven by the stopwatch.”

Javier Castaneda
Miami, FL

“It amazes me how much I can learn and can directly apply to my own training from these seemingly simple newsletters. The information is always straight forward and logically presented and easy to understand. Thanks so much for your help, I always look forward to reading your newsletter every week.”

Laura Hogan
Auckland, New Zealand


“We have been immensly pleased by the articles. It has helped us in training our batch of athletes in India, Mumbai, and let me tell you that the athletes are really showing good performance and have been winning regularly in National level competitions.”

Homiyar Mistry
Mumbai, India

“I get all of the credit from my clients that I work with who are interested in improving their athletic performance. The actual truth is that you guys and your science based, practical and effective programing deserve most of the credit. You have provided me with the tools and motivation necessary to provide solid instruction to my clients. A sincere thank you is in order.”

Steven Hecksel

Trainer-Mountain Fitness
Millington, NJ

“I have used your newsletter along with your Speed Training Program Set to help my daughter in her track and field career. Your information has helped me see how many coaches out there in the schools really have no training when it comes to coaching these kids, especially in track and field. I have recently shared this information with my brother-in-law who is a middle school coach (wrestling, football, basketball and track and field) to help improve his kids as well. Great letters with so much information, I learn something from every article!! Keep up the great work!!”

Tina Sabur
Dallas, TX

“Thank you for creating such an informative and interesting newsletter.The balance of sports science and personal experience make this an invaluable resource for all coaches who want to stimulate the “Coaching Corner” of their brain. Thanks for making coaching so much more enjoyable and interesting.”

Cale Farquharson

Newcastle, Australia

“In the mass of internet information out there, I know of no other so completely devoted to the science of moving faster. If you want to improve fitness/strength/muscle tone trawl the internet. If you want to run faster, read on.”

Steve Sieff

London, England

“Each time I read the Newsletter I pick up some new information. The information is a reinforcement that what is being done is correct, it also reminds me that there are many ways of getting the results needed.”

John Wise
HS Track Coach

“This newsletter will keep you informed of the latest in Track/Field training methods and programs from real track coaches who have been in major competitions and worked with some of the top coaches and trainers in the world.”

Dave Morgan
Trainer/Coach/Clinician CSCS
North Royalton, OH

“The information in this newsletter is second to none and has been a great addition in my training tool box. I look forward to many relevant articles in the future.”

Jimmy Lamour
Jamestown, NC

“Just wanted to thank you for providing such a valuable resource to all of us laymen out here. Your newsletter and blog provide tips, programs and insight that have augmented my personal development and that of my teammates.”

Doug Miller
Whittier, CA

“Thanks for providing some great stuff in a great format. In 25 years of training athletes, there is always a source for new information. My athletes and myself look forward to your weekly reports. Keep ’em coming!”

Tim Vagan, CSCS
Seattle, WA

“The information that you provide is just what a parent is looking for. I have great improvement in my daughter. Thank you so much!”

Diane Jones
Silver Spring, MD

“I really appreciate the info we have received from your letters!You don’t have an idea of the impact you have had on my son’s baseball training sessions.You should see how his teammates gather around us when we’re talking about the tips we get from your reports.MANY THANKS!”

Luis Rodrigues
Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

“Wonderful, enlightening information. Recently, I went to a speed and agility class offered by my son’s local sports club. I had just completed studying your complete speed training program and reading several articles in the newsletter. Well, I was speaking with the coach who was so impressed with my knowledge that mid way through the class, I was instructing the kids on mechanics and exercises. I was invited back to lead the class by myself and now I’ve been requested to set up programs for the entire program. Also, several parents have approached me about working with their kids this summer. I guess I now need information on getting certified and how to run a summer camp. Thanks!”

Allen Williams
New Milford, CT

“Thank you for your quality Newsletter! It is the informative, technical advice like you provide, that enables us athletes to learn, progress and apply methods to our training improving our performance! Carry on with the good work. Thank You!”

Daniel Hobbs
London, England

“It’s excellent and very useful. At times, I would dream that my all fellow Canadian coaches use it to improve their training for the good of their players.”

Alain Mazet
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

“Awesome stuff! As a strength and conditioning coach working with professional athletes, I highly recommened your newsletter to my athletes and other coaches. You keep the information current and on the cutting edge which is what we need at our level.”

Coach Kevin Gendron MS, CSCS
Shelton, CT

“Finally, a source I can turn to for solid advice for both coaching and private training! Keep up the great work!”

Rick Karboviak
Thief River Falls, MN

“Thank you so much for making this information easily available. I coach a very talented group of girls lacrosse players and we’ve been able to implement much of your advice to help in our practice planning. It has been a huge asset to the success of our team. There is a shortage of sport-specific information out there for our sport, but this is one resource that we’ve certainly been able to put to good use! Thank you.”

Gretchin McMunn
Westminster, MD

“The information and training techniques from you have been the most impactful resource in helping me carve out a substantial Athletic Performance Enhancement training business in only one year!!!!”

Steve – Temple Fitness Solutions
Saline – MI

“Gentlemen, I have been able to incorporate some of the exercises and training conepts with our male and female soccer athletes of all ages (8-18) with amazing results. We have noticed a significant positive difference in both the speed and ease of movement in some of our “lead footed” players. Your information is helpful regardless of the sport played.”

Mike Grafstein
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

“I enjoy the very informative articles, tips and myths about speed. It has really expanded my knowledge about this fascinating subject. I share the your info. with other strength coaches, athletes and parents of athletes…they eat it up.”

Andy Ford
Scituate, MA

“I cannot imagine my work as a track coach without your letter anymore.”

Daniel Levski

Ljubljana, Slovenia

“I am always waiting for the next issue to arrive with a sense of anticipation and excitement. You Guys are doing a great job that crosses all borders and boundaries. It does make a difference and it is appreciated. Keep up the good work.”

Gold Coast, Australia

“I look forward to each newsletter with great enthusiasm. You give me straightforward instant activities to put to use with both my students and athletes!”

Terry Lindsay
Warwick, NY

“I continue to appreciate and use the excellent speed training material you publish. I have a lot of it with me at my soccer practises.”

Vince Nash

London, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for the valuable information as it has made me a much better soccer player and allowed me to compete at a top Division I soccer program. This program has helped me tremendously and I cannot wait to apply it to our spring soccer season!”

Adam Tenhundfeld

Columbus, OH

“These emails are excellent. I really enjoy reading them. Up to date and truthful information. I especially enjoyed the documentary that was given. Excellent. Keep up the good stuff.”

Jack Scott
Thunder Bay, Canada

“Love the attention to detail in your letters. The information is not fluff but, is backed by experts in the field and the training sense as it applies to movement in the areas of physiology of exercise and sports. I am always looking to learn more about improving speed and skill and with your letters, I have found useful information.”

Jim Pileggi
Physical Education Teacher/Coach
Chicago, IL

“Thanks so much for the help that I needed to put me on the right track for my 10 year old daughter. At the last athletic carnival she won age champion against 10 other schools. Her fitness level has jumped and she’s enjoying the different drill routines that you offer in your dvd’s….speed with you all !!!”

Danielle Prideaux
Southern Australia

“I love this letter! Everytime I read it I gain more knowledge pretaining to speed development. The things i have learned have helped me to improve every aspect of becoming faster and becoming a better athlete. Thank you for your time and effort put towards this great newsletter.”

Allen Legitt
Vancouver, Canada

“The cutting-edge training techniques and research have helped me to understand how to run faster. The movtivation that the newsletters give keep me motivated in my training.”

Dan Gulbransen
Appleton, WI

“I look forward every week to learning proven concepts in speed enhancement, sport specific workouts and cross training methods. The Complete Speed Training Newsletter never disapoints!”

Mike J.
Princeton, NJ

“I am a tight end in a semi pro league and after reading your articles not only have I learned how to run the correct way, but I also replaced high knees and butt kicks with hill sprints. It’s 1 month later and now when we do conditioning sprints at the end of practice I only finish 1 step behind the receivers instead of 3-4!”

Dan Ketter
Fon du Lac, WI

“Your newsletter is very well written and concise. Thank you for not filling it up with useless fluff, like so many of your inferior competitors. Keep up the good work.”

John Leu

Wheeling, IL

“You have restored my faith in conditioning when you made the comment that anyone at any “age” can increase speed and agility. I’m not as young as I use to be but love the sports, keeping up, and sometimes surpassing the youth! I have been improving more and more and don’t plan on slowing down! Thanks for all the good information in an easy understanding way!”

James Nettesheim

Loveland, CO

“Thanks for coming to my rescue. I was asked to coach a summer track program with over 70 kids.I didn’t have any equipment or training materials. With the information that I received from your program, I had confidence that we would be able to compete this summer. My 13 year old daughter watched the DVD’s and immediately understood what it took to get better. The next week she won the 100 meters by 20 yards. “With perfect form.” Thanks, Your a life saver!”

Calvin Smith
Round Rock, TX

“As a Sports Scientist in South Africa, I am glued to your articles because it gives me an opportunity to grow, develop and inevitable pass on the best and latest of cutting edge performance training to my valuable clients. Thank you guys for all the hard work. Looking forward to more insightful articles.”

Loyal Reader Sean Van Staden

Director, Advanced Sports Performance
Johannesburg, South Africa

“Many thanks on A Super Package… My athletes love the variety… Something new every session… The whole programme is quality orientated,not quantity. Now athletes finish training full of anticipation for their next session… Thankfully the days of NO PAIN, NO GAIN are gone thanks to you!!!! Superb Programme!”

Jerry Horgan – Track and Field

Kerry, Ireland

“I’m finding the weekly speed training updates very beneficial, training has regained its interest and is much more varied and the players are seeing early results which is fantastic. The level of info supplied is excellant….. keep it coming!!”

Keith Burke
Wicklow, Ireland

“What an invaluable resource!! The Complete Speed Training newsletter provides a huge amount of high-quality information in each edition conveyed in an extremely clear, enjoyable reading style. I have used a lot of the applied information very successfully with my athletes and am I’m in no doubt that it has helped me develop as a strength coach. Keep up the good work!!! Many thanks.”

Nelson Cowie
United Kingdom

“Last summer i was taking to a student athlete about the about the step over knee action and he did not embrace. About a month ago I shared with his coach via email and two weeks ago I saw him and he was telling me that he was running faster than he’s ever run, because his coach shared with him the step over knee action.”

Jacob Collins
Boston, MA

“The info has been great and useful. I have been able to apply it to my own training and also to to the athletes I help train. We have had several reacuring hamstring injuries and I am hopefull the change in mechanics that you have pointed out will help several of our runners not only get over these injuries but also get faster.”

Jess Langvart
Sterling, KS

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